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    Creative destruction in times of covid

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    Save for a few industries such as health care, it is safe to assume that investment in innovation will plummet during the covid-19 pandemic. It usually does in times of crisis. Venture capital (vc) will also dry up as everyone keeps their heads down and tries to preserve cash. In 2007-09, vc funding in America fell by almost 30%. Yet this column would not be named after Joseph Schumpeter, the father of creative destruction, if it did not believe that following a slump, a burst of entrepreneurial activity will eventually emerge. As he wrote in “The Theory of Economic Development”, published in…

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    State of Readiness; Jason Prochilo, Edel Golf LLC

    Joseph Paris invites Jason Prochilo, Vice President of Operations at Edel Golf, LLC to join him in a conversation.  Edel Golf is a manufacturer of custom golf equipment specializing in personally-fit putters, wedges, and irons.   Jason primary responsibility is as leader of the putter department and the manufacturing efforts in the company.  They manufacture all of their equipment in-house, using a machine shop they own and operate and with all of the materials used in their equipment being sourced from within the United States.  Their customized fitting process yields a potential of over 1-million different combinations to dial-in the fit…

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    Operational Excellence by Design eNewsletter – June 2020

    Helping companies to become high-performance organizations       Operational Excellence By Design SM   June 2020 ‌ ‌ ‌     Monthly Musing   “Keep your face always toward the sunshine – and shadows will fall behind you.” – Walt Whitman     Founder’s Corner   Teachers: Your Students are your Legacy   For students in school, it’s graduation time. Many young students are graduating from one grade to the next and still others are graduating from their high school and taking the next big step on their life’s journey into adulthood.   As you graduate, I would ask that you…

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    State of Readiness: Andrew E. Chrostowski; CEO, RealWear

    Joseph Paris invites Andrew Chrostowski, Chairman of the Board and Acting CEO of RealWear to “State of Readiness”.  We start with discussing what RealWear is all about – and it is one of the coolest systems I have seen for employee-enablement.  RealWear had designed and developed ruggedized head-mounted wearable Android-class tablet computer that frees a worker’s hands for dangerous jobs.  Being hands-free, it is purpose-built for Connected Worker programs in the industrial enterprise and is safely controlled with just your voice, even in extremely noisy environments.  With a growing number of hands-free partner solutions, our customers are taking full advantage of the unlimited power of our…

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    The Outliers Inn; Bangers and Mash

    Topic: Antlerboy and JP welcome the first-ever, all male and exclusively British guest roster. It’s a veritible sausage fest, except its more like Bangers. Come give a listen as we mash it up (see what I did there?). The episode starts with Antlerboy not being his usual joyful self, some would say “hacked-off”, “fed up”, or just “down in the dumps”. And it all come down to too… Too much long stuck indoors, too much disruption to business, too long a hiatus from life, too much time to contemplate his failures, just too much for too long. Some people do not…

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    How Leadership Impacts KPI’s

    - by Carlos Cruz

    As we are all aware, KPI’s are known for tracking, monitoring, and identifying gaps in the performance of organizational processes. But, do we understand the true meaning of KPI’s and how leadership impact KPI’s? As per ASQ, the definition of Key performance indicators (KPI’s), is “to help an organization measure progress toward specific goals. They must be quantifiable measurements, agreed to by management that reflects the critical success factors of an organization.” But is this the only definition of KPI’s? In my many conversations with various industry leaders, KPI’s have been shifting from measuring processes to measuring employee performance and…

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