The Operational Excellence Society is a “think tank”; a grass-roots organization that emerged the Operational Excellence LinkedIn Group, the largest group of that genre by far, started by Joseph Paris.  The society is staffed and managed by volunteers and has no dues or membership fees.

As the name implies, the society is dedicated to change agents who embrace the ideals of Operational Excellence, defined as the continuous and deliberate improvement of company performance AND the circumstances of those who work there — and working towards becoming a “High-Performance Organization”.

Members of the Operational Excellence Society — from seasoned practitioners to the newly curious — are united by an interest in sustainable and deliberate improvement and the enhancement of overall quality and value throughout the value chain during the pursuit of perfection.

To that end, we have established rigorous,”best in class”, enducation and training system that follows a prescriptive approach for building capacity and capability for strategy deployment across the enterprise — a foundational system for helping to create a corporate culture where Operational Excellence is the norm: The Operational Excellence Enterprise Readiness System.

The society is open to all comers and those interested including:

  • Professionals who coach individuals and conduct training companies
  • End users who have demonstrated the ability to deploy programs
  • Educators who develop and deploy curricula

For more information, please contact Joseph Paris at

The Operational Excellence Society is a platform designed for executives and practitioner in the disciplines of Business Process Improvement (BPI), Continuous Improvement (CI) and Lean Six Sigma.

The society was inspired, in part, by the Lean value known as  gemba, or walking the process in real life. The society supports regional collegiate collaboration, the exchange of best-practices, shared experiences, and face-to-face mind-share. Our members network and collaborate at meetings in the United States, South America, the United Kingdom, Europe and the Middle East.

Our website includes an extensive library of knowledge resources on topics relating to Operational Excellence, and we encourage members to take full advantage of it. As a member, you may also nominate resources to add to the library — paid programs you have developed or materials you have used that may benefit fellow members.

Is your company communicating its vision effectively? Are your Operational Excellence resources getting involved in early stages of tactical and strategic planning? Through authorized partners, the society provides coaching and certification for organizations in the disciplines of Operational Excellence, services designed to help participants assess their readiness and align resources for Continuous Improvement programs.

For information on partnership opportunities, contact Joseph Paris at

The strength of the Operational Excellence Society is in its constituents, the core of which is the Operational Excellence LinkedIn Group with more than 75,000 members; a diverse group with representation from around the world and across all industries and disciplines representing an ever-growing source of knowledge, experience and skills.

In addition, further resources include our partnership with the Lean Six Sigma LinkedIn Group with over 650,000 members which we help to manage, and our highly acclaimed “Operational Excellence by Design” monthly eNewsletter with over 20,000 subscribers.

Finally, there is this website where we curate created and aggregated wisdom and know-how in our “Body of Knowledge” and which presently has well over 2,000 pieces of the highest quality content.  And there is a Bookstore with hundreds of titles vetted by our constituents.  Both the Body of Knowledge and the Bookstore are organized by genre for easy searching. 

Browse the website to:

  • Give something, take something. Gain inspiration. Get help.
  • Learn more about Operational Excellence and the value of individual and company certification.
  • Spend time with those who are continually improving for the benefit of their companies and themselves.
  • Use the Operational Excellence Enterprise Readiness System to assess and position your company is for growth.
  • Develop new business relationships and strengthen existing ones.
  • Find out the latest and most effective methodologies and tools for improvement programs.

For information on partnership opportunities and submitting curriculum, contact Joseph Paris at

Grow. Inspire. Innovate. Reward.  We all want these things, but don’t always have the tools necessary, or the time. Today’s global business environment demands that organizations and professionals alike stay relevant with increasingly active, ever-growing knowledge, experience and skill sets.  How do you grow and deliver the results your clients and peers are demanding?

The OpEx Socitey is exactly what you need.

We are dedicated to working through Partners to provide coaching and training for companies and individuals in the practices of Operational Excellence. Authorized and certified Partners, and also end users who have demonstrated the ability to deploy internally, or are responsible for the deployment of the curriculum. Our Operational Excellence Enterprise Readiness System provides the foundation for creating a corporate culture where Operational Excellence is the norm.

With a focus on collaboration, the OpEx Society enables members to grow while adding significant value to your business by providing the following  7 benefits:

  1. Promote your business as a member of a global firm: By using the existing marketing material, membership access and other communication collateral, you are immediately recognized as part of a large organization that provides services around the world. Hence, you can access larger clients, negotiate larger contracts and command higher fees.
  2. Tell other what you are looking for: Identify members that could add value to you and contact them directly or through our member engagement manager who is available to help you accelerate finding what you’re looking for. Sometimes you may need a particular expertise or solution that you may not have in your office, let us know and we can help.
  3. Use the OpEx Society for business development: the OpEx Society is built around collaboration. Members will propose services to you, within your expertise, and it will be up to both of you to decide on the business relationship. Furthermore, leads and business opportunities that are received by the OpEx Society from potential clients will be directly transferred to you.
  4. Sell your solutions and products in the Knoweldge Center: Professional firms create solutions that others may need. By selling your solutions and products, you enable other firms to buy what you have created and improve on it. Why start from scratch if someone else has done it before.
  5. Let the world know about your business: No matter how good you are, if the world doesn’t know about you, you will have hard time growing your business. Use the OpEx Society communication platform by writing articles and press releases.
  6. Celebrate your achievements: If you sign interesting contracts or have achieved something worth talking about, share the news with your peers and your clients by posting news on the OpEx Society.
  7. Receive significant business perks from the OpEx Society: Given the size of the OpEx Society, we are able to negotiate corporate discounts on services that you need to manage & grow your business such as training & development as well as other purchases

We invite qualified professional firms to join the OpEx society and become part of the fastest growing global professional network.

If you are interested in joining OPEX Society, send us an email.

The Operational Excellence Society will only accept professional firms with an identifiable track record.  In order to qualify to become an OpEx Society member, a firm must provide proof of the following:

  1. Be in operation for a minimum of two years
  2. Active with a list of satisfied clients
  3. Considered medium size in own country
  4. Innovative and always looking to improve services
  5. Meet the business standards specified by the OpEx Society board.

In addition to the above qualifications, a firm must be willing to:

  1. Collaborate with other members
  2. Participate in discussions and surveys that are conducted by the OpEx Society
  3. Engage with other members in the professional forums provided by the OpEx Society
  4. Participate in marketing & PR activities
  5. Participate in regional & global board elections
  6. Become an ambassador of the OpEx Society to promote the brand and attract qualified members in other sectors or regions.

The OpEx Society is growing fast and expanding as more professional firms seek to be part of our organization.  We only select those firms that meet the criteria we have identified, hence we cannot accept every firm that applies.  We want to ensure that synergy exists among members and that they are willing to collaborate among each other to develop a strong and reliable global business network.

We target firms in all sectors, industries and levels of academia.

If you are interested in joining the Operational Excellence Society to grow & expand your business, please fill out our Membership Application Form or send us an email.