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    Manage Your Suppliers’ Internal Defects

    - by Operational Excellence Society

    As a manufacturer, we want our defects rate to be as close as possible to the “Six Sigma level, 3.4 defects per million opportunities” (DPMO) on products we fabricate.  A possibly overlooked key is how we manage our suppliers’ defects; what they do with the recovered contents off the parts we reject and return to them, and get shipped back to us as input to our own manufacturing processes.  Here’s what we need to know, and take action on. Decades ago, the contributor of this article was attending a small group, three-week Six Sigma Training course.  Interestingly, the course leaders…

  • Body of Knowledge

    Operational Excellence in a Digital World

    - by Koen Boomsma

    Traditionally in the Service Industry, Operational Excellence (OpEx) focused on the Operations function: Back and Mid Offices fulfilling the client’s request. Main focus was on decreasing handling and throughput time, with techniques like Lean Thinking, Six Sigma and Scientific Management. The goal was mainly to let humans work more efficiently. However, in the last years, the Service Industry, such as Banking and Insurance, has been undergoing a Digital Transformation (DX), with ‘old jobs’ being lost at a big rate. In a true DX, Customer Experience is improved using digital techniques, while automating the work. As a result, the ‘good old’…

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    Operational Excellence by Design eNewsletter – July 2020

    Helping companies to become high-performance organizations       Operational Excellence By Design SM   July 2020 ‌ ‌ ‌     Monthly Musing   The phrase, “The Dog Days of Summer” has its origin from the Greeks and the Romans with Sirius, or Dog Star, rising just before the sun in late July.       Subscribe to our eNewsletter     Joseph Paris Vehicles for Change   We would love to hear from you   Featured Articles; OEE     The editorial staff decided to dedicate this month’s edition to OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness), which is a framework…

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    Outliers Inn; Navigating Beyond…

    Topic: We find Antlerboy in much better spirits and more positive. He has been a bit beat down due to being locked-down. But is finding working in his London garden – replete with a cherry tree, recently Amazon-delivered pond weed, potatoes and onions – is very therapeutic. JP is happy for Antlerboy, but wonders; just how big is this garden in London? JP is itching to get back in the game; getting on an airplane and client-facing. Sitting and working from home is not his bag. But JP shares that he has booked a flight to the States for a…

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    12 Essential Strategy Insights

    - by MIT Sloan

    For decades, researchers have published findings in MIT Sloan Management Review about developing and executing strategy. This collection offers a dozen of our most popular strategy articles of all time. “Strategy, at its heart, is about choice,” write the authors of “Turning Strategy Into Results,” an article featured below, which takes a keen look at how leaders translate the complexity of strategy into guidelines that are simple and flexible enough to execute. A winning strategy for an organization is not based on an individual choice but an expansive, countless number of decisions happening every day across all parts of a business —…

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    The next wave of healthcare innovation: The evolution of ecosystems

    - by McKinsey & Company

    Ecosystems create powerful forces that can reshape and disrupt industries.  In healthcare, they have the potential to deliver a personalized and integrated experience to consumers, enhance provider productivity, engage formal and informal caregivers, and improve outcomes and affordability. We define an ecosystem as a set of capabilities and services that integrate value chain participants (customers, suppliers, and platform and service providers) through a common commercial model and virtual data backbone (enabled by seamless data capture, management, and exchange) to create improved and efficient consumer and stakeholder experiences, and to solve significant pain points or inefficiencies. Healthcare has shifted away from…

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