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    Looking Forward: A Post COVID-19 Playbook For Winning On The Other Side

    - by James Junker

    As an Eagle Scout, the motto of “Be Prepared” has served me well when camping outdoors, navigating young adulthood, and also as a global business leader and parent.   Although much healthy debate will ensue on how one can truly prepare for a global crisis on the order of 9/11, a banking system collapse, or the current COVID-19 pandemic, hopefully we can all agree that more toilet paper is not the answer! A much better answer as business leaders is to “Be Prepared” now so that our organizations and employees will be better equipped to successfully compete in the “new normal”…

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    Operational Excellence by Design eNewsletter – April 2020

    - by Operational Excellence Society

      Helping companies to become high-performance organizations       Operational Excellence By Design SM   April 2020     Monthly Musing   “Do what you can, with what you got, from where you are.” – Teddy Roosevelt     Founder’s Corner   The Risks that go with Globalization   It is undoubtedly true that global extreme poverty has declined as capitalism has driven globalization – the trade between and among nations – to increase over time.    However, with globalization, as with any “new way”, comes risks. Some are easy to see, such as relying too much on a customer…

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    Perfectionism Will Slow You Down in a Crisis

    - by

    Almost overnight, the game has changed for leaders. Just a short time ago, pre-coronavirus, we seemed to be in a relatively stable world where many factors were known and predictable, and achieving success looked like the pursuit of perfection. But in a crisis, when reality is changing by the day (or even by the hour), when there is no way of knowing with certainty what lies ahead or the best course of action to take, there is no time for perfection. Read More…

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    The Benefits of Glocalization

    - by Andreas Eschbach

    “Glocalization” is a portmanteau, or blending, of “globalization” and “localization”.  It is the idea of acting with global intent but with local adaptations; the notion of “think globally, but act locally.”  The glocalization of your business will result in a standardization of the various processes and procedures under which your business operates – and they are applied to the local circumstance to the extent they can be. But, unless two sites are perfect identical twins to one another, it is not reasonable to expect that every process and procedure can be completely standardized in granular detail because of the variants…

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    The Outliers Inn; How I spent my COVID-19 Vacation

    - by Joseph Paris

    Topic: With everyone in the world being locked-down, bored  rigid with nothing much better to do and in desperate need of speaking with someone other than their significant other or dog, it’s a full-house at The Outliers Inn with guests who hail from the States, the UK, Germany, and Iceland being represented.  The episode is long, but the conversation is fun and lively. Standing in for co-host Benjamin “Antlerboy” Taylor is a regular on the show, Don “the beer man” Burshnick. We start off with Don sharing that his beers are being recognized by his peers as being pretty darn good. …

  • Body of Knowledge

    State of Readiness; Daniel Bumblauskas, Ph.D., COVID-19 as a “Black Swan” event

    - by Joseph Paris

    Daniel has spent his entire professional and personal career in the field of Industrial Engineers.  In this episode, we explore the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, a “Black Swan” event, on the way businesses might operate post-pandemic.   We start by discussing how telephony in education and the corporate world will be embraced more readily to its becoming ubiquitous.  While both Dan and myself have been working virtually long before it was cool, institutions for learning, from grade-school through university, and a great many companies that are not tech-companies, are getting a crash-course.  Dan shares that the technology is not…

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