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    State of Readiness – Stephane Jeanmart, Chemistry Operational Excellence Lead, Syngenta

    Welcome to this episode of the State of Readiness podcast – with Stephane Jeanmart from Syngenta I welcome Stephane Jeanmart, Chemistry Operational Excellence Lead at Syngenta, a global agrochemical business headquartered in Basel, Switzerland.  In this episode, Stephane shares his journey from being formally trained in Chemistry, a discipline of predictable outcomes governed by formulas and exactness, to a less exact discipline that is Operational Excellence which is largely about people. Syngenta was formed from the spin-off of a portion of the agrichemical businesses of Novartis and Astra-Zeneca.  Joining Syngenta post-formation, Stephane shares his experience in seeing the cultures of…

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    Operational Excellence by Design eNewsletter – July 2019

    July 2019 Monthly Musing   I have been very fortunate that I have had several formal mentors in my life.  They never told me what to do, rather offer guidance based on their knowledge and the wisdom they gained over the years.  But I had many more informal mentors; those who didn’t know they were mentoring me because I was gaining my guidance by observing them passively rather than actively, or those who mentored me while in stealth mode – offering me guidance and sharing their wisdom and I didn’t even know they were doing it.  We all need mentors…

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    How to ask for help

    - by

    The host of this TED video is Heidi Grant, who researches, writes and speaks about the science of motivation, influence and decision-making. In this instance, this social psychologist means that asking for help is tough. But to get through life – she says – you have to do it all the time. So how does one get comfortable asking? In this actionable talk, Grant shares four simple rules for asking for help and getting it – while making the process more rewarding for your helper, too. Read more

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    2019 EY CEO Imperative Study

    - by

    EY begs the question: For CEOs, are the days of sidelining global challenges numbered? In attempting to answer, EY shares the official 2019 EY CEO Imperative Study – revealing that investors and boards expect CEOs to respond to humanity’s greatest challenges. In fact, it has found that it’s the new growth imperative. But how exactly – and how is it that CEOs can no longer rely on the old excuses for inaction on challenges? Read more

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    winning teams

    The drumbeat of digital: How winning teams play

    - by McKinsey & Company

    McKinsey & Co means that most executives we know have a powerful, intuitive feel for the rhythm of their businesses. They know how hard and fast to pull strategic levers, move their organization, and drive execution to achieve their objectives. Or at least they did. But in the light digitization that has intensified the rhythm of competition in many industries, it’s leaving executives adrift, with information-gathering systems that are too slow or disconnected, they reckon. Wherever talent-management norms are misaligned and incremental, these leaders know their companies must adjust and accelerate… Read more

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    “Stealth” Mentorship

    - by Joseph Paris

    I would find it hard to believe that any successful person achieved that success without having at least one mentor along their journey – someone who was instrumental and influential in the life journey of the person being mentored (the mentee).  But what is mentorship? Mentorship is a semi-formal relationship between someone who has wisdom (knowledge plus experience) and is willing to share that wisdom with another (the mentor) and a person who seeks wisdom and insights to fill gaps in experience or to accelerate their journey.  A healthy mentor/mentee relationship will be one where there is no expectation that…

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