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    Eulogy Continuous Improvement

    Eulogy of a Continuous Improvement Program

    - by Joseph Paris

    When you were born, everyone could see the twinkle in your eyes for the fire and passion you held.  As you grew, you became inspired by the reported accomplishments of others; and consumed with great enthusiasm and dedication every bit of knowledge that was at your disposal.  You had the good fortune of being influenced by mentors along the way who helped you to know their espoused path to the Corporate Valhalla as they understood it.  Driven by this youthful exuberance, you believed you could make a positive and indelible mark on the world. You started applying what you knew…

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    Outliers Inn – Lady’s Night

    - by Operational Excellence Society

    Topic:  Okay, the notion was noble, but the presentation might have been better.  If this was an episode of Master Chef with Antlerboy and JP being the wanna-be cooks, we would certainly have presented a repulsive-looking dish, but it tasted darn good. So here’s the story;  Antlerboy and JP had noticed that all of the guests at The Outliers Inn have been men.  Certainly, the men have themselves have been diverse in geography, industry and profession – but they have all been men.  So we wanted to consciously seek to make our guests more diverse and we came up with…

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    State of Readiness: Manuel Ugarte; US Army Combat Capabilities Development Command (CCDC)

    - by Operational Excellence Society

    Joseph Paris welcomes to “State of Readiness” Manuel “Manny” Ugarte, Director and Strategic Accounts Manager of the United States Army’s Combat Capabilities Development Command (CCDC).  The US Army’s CCDC mission is to provide the research, engineering, and analytical expertise to deliver capabilities that enable the Army to deter and, when necessary, decisively defeat any adversary now and in the future.  And the CCDC’s vision is to be the scientific and technological foundation of the Army Modernization Enterprise through world-leading research, development, engineering and analysis. Manny and I start by talking about his current role at the CCDC and the confluence…

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    How to Be a Good Boss (Leader) in Trying Times

    - by Stanford Business Review

    Leaders love to announce record earnings and awards, but most are loath to share bad news. You may be tempted to ask subordinates to deliver negative information, but as venture capitalist Michael Dearing has said, “There is a difference between what you do and how you do it.” In late March, electric scooter company Bird left it to an anonymous executive in a two-minute Zoom call to inform 30% of the staff that they would lose their jobs. Workers had one hour’s notice to join the call, and those who missed it learned they were laid off when they couldn’t…

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    The Age of Accelerating Strategy Breakthroughs

    - by MIT Sloan

    Several months into a global pandemic, leading organizations are redefining expectations of what is possible. Consider how offices around the world shifted virtually overnight to digitally enabled remote work. Grocery retailers and restaurants rolled out new pickup and delivery services. Hospitals rapidly expanded telehealth options. Automakers, apparel makers, and mobile phone assemblers retooled on the fly and are now rushing out personal protective equipment and ventilators. All of these scenes offer a glimpse at a new age of acceleration taking shape, in which leading companies are racing ahead to redesign strategies and operations in weeks instead of years. Many of…

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    Lean management or agile? The right answer may be both

    - by McKinsey & Company

    Has there even been a time when customers were more demanding of the companies serving them? Industry 4.0 technologies—many barely imaginable only a decade ago—have already enabled genuine breakthroughs in cost, convenience, and customization, creating extraordinary value for buyers while raising the performance bar for producers ever higher. And then there’s the volatility that never entirely disappears, flaring up in crises that can upend everything from supplier relationships to entire business models—all prevalent in today’s current landscape as Covid-19 creates widespread disruption. It complicates leaders’ efforts to make lasting changes in their organizations—efforts that historically have required years of sustained effort to…

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