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Readiness Institute

The Readiness Institute is the leading education center for companies that want to become high-performance organizations – those who want to see further beyond the horizon than their competitors and want the organizational capacity and capability to quickly devise and deploy decisive responses to opportunities and threats.
The Readiness Institute, at its core, exists for the purpose of helping companies worldwide achieve a “State of Readiness“. To enable companies to gain a competitive advantage; the ability to see further beyond the horizon than their competition. And not just see further and detect sooner, but act faster.
Comprising of a team of highly trained and experienced business professionals seeking to aid you in your continuous journey towards next-level enterprise readiness – The Readiness Institute is inherently committed to the ongoing pursuit of Operational Excellence.


    XONITEK is a consulting firm with extensive experience serving international and multicultural companies in various industries.
    Our Passion: We help snap your vision of the future into focus and augment your know-how to make that vision a reality.  As stewards of your strategy, we know from experience that what works in one locale cannot be directly copied to another; rather, best practices must be replicated with due regard for variations in local cultures, infrastructure and environments.
    Our Clients: Most of our clients are publicly-listed firms with international operations or value-chains, typically with a mature continuous improvement program. Their goal is to become a high-performance organization with a clear vision, clearly communicated and vigorously pursued. They are committed to providing support and resources and are prepared to align those resources to realize their vision. They look to XONITEK as their strategic partner.
    Our Team: With at least a decade of experience in a specific industry, each of our consultants is a highly capable subject matter expert. We move quickly from assessment to action to help you create a corporate culture where Operational Excellence is the norm.

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      Joseph Paris, LLC

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      International Standard for Lean Six Sigma (ISLSS)

      The Lean Mag

      theleanmag is a digital magazine about lean, operational excellence, leadership, strategy, and all related topics. Its purpose is to share knowledge, insights, studies, and reflections from the regular contributors' panel as well as the general public on 'the reader's corner'.
      theleanmag has established partnerships with organizations and institutions to grow the lean community's network as well as to identify business and collaboration opportunities.
      theleanmag plays an altruistic role in the community by donating exclusive memberships fees and Amazon Kindle e-book sales to child support institutions.
      Porto, Portugal

        Joseph Paris, LLC

        Joseph F. Paris Jr. is a recognized global expert in the field operational excellence; an international entrepreneur; a prolific writer; and a sought-after strategist, consultant, and speaker with engagements around the world.  His book, “State of Readiness (May 2017) has been well received by industry peers and endorsed by senior business leaders from some of the most highly respected organizations in existence — with operations around the world and across industries — and promises to be a definitive work on the field of Operational Excellence.
        Having over 30 years of experience in international business and operations, he is routinely called upon to offer guidance to C-suite and senior executives as well as business-operations and -improvement specialists who wish to improve the overall efficiency and effectiveness of their organizations.  He is highly valued for his ability to provide strategic insight and tactical analysis — and to convert these thoughts into reality by successful engagement and execution.

          International Standard for Lean Six Sigma (ISLSS)

          International Standard for Lean Six Sigma (ISLSS) in a management consulting firm that specializes in deploying Lean Six Sigma. While we were founded in 2010, our Master Black Belt Consultants have 15-30+ years of experience.
          Lean is about process flow, speed and efficiency. Six Sigma is about improving quality by understanding your customer, gathering and analyzing the data to identify solution the address the root cause. Combined, they are a best practice methodology for continuous improvement.
          The International Standard for Lean Six Sigma (ISLSS) is a globally focused organization dedicated to bringing customized, value based Lean Six Sigma services and products so that you can focus on what matters most: profitability through competitive advantage, minimizing costs and enhancing quality and efficiency.

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            We Are The Practitioners

            Our solutions, whether a network design, a distribution center, or a transportation program, will fit the way the client operates, and be flexible to allow for changes in the way the client grows, and how the market changes.  Our solutions are tailored for each client, and never look like a housedress on a cow.
            Services include:
            • Career Coaching
            • Team Training in:
              • Transportation,
              • Warehouse Operations,
              • Inventory Management,
              • Supply Chain Planning & Execution

              Carey Lohrenz

              Carey Lohrenz is a dynamic communicator with an incredible story. As the first female F-14 Tomcat pilot, she was a pioneer in military aviation. Having flown missions worldwide as a combat, mission-ready United States Navy pilot, Carey Lohrenz is used to working in fast-moving, dynamic environments where inconsistent execution can generate catastrophic results.
              Carey is uniquely qualified in the fundamentals of winning under pressure, reducing errors, and overcoming obstacles.
              Her mastery of these fundamentals can help your team triumph in this high-risk, time-crunched world. Her experience in the all-male environment of fighter aviation and her ability to pass on the lessons learned in her career allow her to deliver insight and guidance from a credible platform.
              As a high content Keynote Speaker, who is both motivational and inspirational, Carey Lohrenz inspires Fearless Leadership and increased team performance. Carey is often requested by name from many of the top Fortune 100 businesses.
              Her ability to connect with an audience and one-on-one, coupled with her knowledge and experience in leading high-performing, diverse teams, has made her highly sought after as a business consultant and leadership speaker.

                Red Quadrant

                RedQuadrant is a new type of consultancy. We're business evolutionaries, seeking to transform the way we work and the impact we have. Together we can build on your strengths and achieve service and cultural transformation. The possibilities open to us centre around learning, relationships, community, and purpose. With our clients, we explore these things together – mutually transforming power.

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                  Sales Performance Consultants

                  SPC, Inc., enables B2B companies to continuously improve sales and marketing results. For more than 25 years,  founder Michael J. Webb sold and managed in industries like business forms, enterprise software, factory automation, control systems integration, and B2B sales training. In 2002 he launched a data-driven, systems thinking alternative to the offerings of typical sales training, sales consulting, and CRM companies. He is author of two books:Sales and Marketing the Six Sigma Way (2006, 4.3 stars) Sales Process Excellence (privately published 2014, winner of the Shingo Research Award)

                    Conor Troy Consulting

                    Who is Conor Troy Consulting? 
                    Conor Troy Consulting is specializing in Operational Excellence and Lean Management in the Process Industries, with offices in Mannheim and Düsseldorf. 
                    Hand in hand with our customers from the Pharmaceutical, Chemical and Consumer Goods Industries we develop customized Improvement Programs. Following our vision of "Improving Continuous Improvement“, we support the companies on their way to a sustainable Leadership and Corporate Culture. 
                    From the start we get everybody involved into the projects on all levels, reflecting their own needs and finding original solutions in their fields. A strategy to win by developing people into problem solvers (Masaaki Imai). 

                      Fladmark Consulting

                      DEVELOPING TEAMS & LEADERS FOR A COMPLEX WORLDWe help Nordic business leaders to build nimble, agile organisations.We offer training and advisory services within; Leadership development, Team development, Strategic decision-making and Leading by intent.Our offering stands in contrast to traditional consultancy firms.We take the best solutions from the military. Anti-fragile, battle tested & proven to work. We tailor these solutions uniquely to your organisation. The result is leaders and teams that can produce solutions to complex problems.

                        Cold Star Technologies

                        • Data Science
                        • Process Improvement
                        • Small Business Fraud Detection Services

                          Lean Compliance

                          Lean Compliance is Canadian company founded in 2017.
                          Our mission is helping organizations in highly-regulated, high-risk industries improve their probability of mission success by ensuring that promises are kept.
                          We are not auditors. We provide coaching, evaluation and implementation services to improve compliance effectiveness covering environmental, quality, safety, security, professional, regulatory and stakeholder obligations.
                          We believe that striving to keep promises improves personal and corporate integrity which are essential for organizations to behave ethically.
                          We also believe that a proactive and systems approach to compliance is necessary for organizations to stay between the lines and stay ahead of risk.
                          To receive the benefits from always being in compliance we offer The Proactive Certainty ProgramTM designed to improve your ability to keep all your promises.
                          Toronto, Canada

                            Sam Yankelevitch

                            Sam Yankelevitch combines over thirty years of manufacturing and cross-cultural experience into his work as an author, trainer, and international conference speaker. He coaches organizations through the complexity experienced in global supply chains, resulting in teams that are focused, aligned, and positioned for fast response.
                            He is currently the CEO of Xpress Lingo Solutions, a leader in communication improvement workshops, adopting Lean thinking and quality concepts in support of the supply chain’s need for quality interactions, aligned teams, and a fast responses toward sustainable solutions.
                            Prior to that, Sam served as the VP and General manager of a German based automotive supplier and the President and as CEO of Ideace, Inc., an international manufacturer and exporter of lock and hardware products.
                            He has trained numerous teams and presented at conferences such as the ASQ World Conference on Quality and Improvement, BMW Manufacturing Supplier Diversity Conference, The University of South Carolina Darla Moore School of Business and Syracuse University Supply Chain Improvement Symposium, and the Kaizen Institute Congress in San Luis Potosi, Mexico.
                            Sam is a founding member of the Supply Chain Advisory Board of the Appalachian State University of North Carolina and a member of the Operational Excellence Society Advisory Board.
                            Sam is an Industrial Engineer with an Executive Masters in Financial management. Besides English, he speaks Spanish fluently and is well versed in German, French, Italian and Hebrew.

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