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    The Innovation Commitments

    - by McKinsey & Company

    McKinsey puts it simple in this article, by stating that the ability to develop, deliver, and scale new products, services, processes, and business models rapidly is a muscle that virtually every organization needs to strengthen. Their latest research highlights a growing performance gap separating innovation “winners” from companies that merely muddle along, with the intent of showing us that innovation winners are extending their lead most conspicuously in two particular areas… Read more

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    The Outliers Inn – German Waste Disposal, Food Waste, Logistics

    - by Operational Excellence Society

    Topic:  JP shares his challenges with a recent move of premises.  Many of the frustrations involve the discarding of waste in Germany; the myriad of bins and methods of discarding and the confusions that go with their use is but one of the challenges.  The biggest challenge, besides JP holding the opinion that his landlords were assholes and all that entails, was discarding larger items.  Since it is so difficult to shed yourself of such items, they have a tendency to stock-pile.  It took a bin that held 5 cubic-meters (which was filled with 6 cubic-meters) and a dozen muelsacks that were…

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    The Business Case for Working with Your Toughest Critics

    - by

    As a “corporate suit” (his words) and former VP of sustainability at McDonald’s, Bob Langert works with companies and their strongest critics to find solutions that are good for both business and society. In this actionable talk, he shares stories from the decades-long transition into corporate sustainability at McDonald’s — including his work with unlikely partners like the Environmental Defense Fund and Temple Grandin — and shows why your adversaries can sometimes be your best allies. Watch the Video

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    Will Quantum Computers defeat Cryptogrophers?

    - by

    Craig Costello uses mathematics to secure the digital world, both against the threats that exist today and those that may exist in the future. In this glimpse into our technological future, this cryptographer discusses the world-altering potential of quantum computers, which could shatter the limits set by today’s machines – and give code breakers a master key to the digital world. See how Costello and his fellow cryptographers are racing to reinvent encryption and secure the internet. Watch the Video

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    personal case study

    Operational Excellence – A Personal Case Study

    - by Joseph Paris

    I write often about Operational Excellence.  How we live in a world of Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity (VUCA).  How time is the enemy of the 21st century company and that the organization that knows and trusts its capabilities (and also where they are lacking) is better prepared to synthesize decisions from imperfect data – operating within its own OODA Loop.  And how an organization can operate at its best when it is operating as an organization. But how does this translate outside a company?  Can we use these techniques to achieve success in our personal lives as well as…

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    The Simplicity of Lean

    - by Philip Holt

    This is an except from Chapter-1, Introduction from my book, “The Simplicity of Lean”. Lean means many things to many people and its success or failure is important to a large number of stakeholders: customers, employees, management, shareholders, suppliers, and society as a whole. Is Lean a toolkit? Is it about cost saving? Is it a way of thinking? Or is it a fundamental and strategic shift in the culture of an organization? The importance of this question to each of the stakeholders might appear different but essentially, getting the answer right will result in each of the stakeholders benefitting…

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