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When you sponsor content with the Operational Excellence Society and contribute to the Body of Knowledge, you are able to leverage our considerable reach and audience to read or hear about your value proposition and to drive traffic to your website.  The value driven to your business is indefinite as there is no expiration date for sponsored content.

Articles must meet the following criterion for consideration;

  • Articles must be provided in MS-Word format.
  • Value-packed content – no “popcorn posts” (content that takes-up space but has no nutritional value). Articles must be a minimum of 1,500 words long and include links to information sources as appropriate.
  • No “sales-pitches”. The article should speak to a challenge, an approach, the roll-out, the results, and the lessons learned.  The writer should assume the audience is smart enough to recognize that, if the content is relevant to them, they will reach-out.  As such, they don’t need to be “sold”.  No use of the word “proprietary”, “exclusive”, or other such words that will project “hype”.  Using such phrases will cause the reader to believe (rightfully) that he is being sold-to and stop reading.

Must have rights to the content.  By submitting your (“Submitter”) article for publication, the Submitter represents that they have the rights of ownership necessary to submit, including any graphics or pictures that might be included.  Submitter will indemnify, defend, and hold harmless the Operational Excellence Society, its officers, directors, agents and employees from and against claims, damages, losses and expenses, including but not limited to attorneys’ fees, arising out of or resulting from the third-party claims that the Submitter violated copyrights or otherwise does not have ownership of the content.

OPTION:  We can write your article for you (1,500-2,000 words) for $500.

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Sponsored LinkedIn Announcements

At over 50,000 members, the Operational Excellence Group on LinkedIn is the “center of gravity” for Operational Excellence on LinkedIn®.  Our protocol is to send weekly “Group Announcement” to the Group membership and to regenerate this Announcement as a Post (where we have a lot more control over graphics and links).  LinkedIn Posts remain indefinitely (unless LinkedIn removes them).

Sponsored LinkedIn Discussion

In addition to Announcements, we can post your articles for you.  Oftentimes, people are more inclined to read a post from a third-party than one from the originator – especially if there is a catchy title, a brief summary of the content, and a call to action.

Social Media Outreach Program

In addition to the weekly Announcement and Post on LinkedIn, we can also engineer and execute a Social Media Outreach Program that will take your content and include it in the various feeds available to the Operational Excellence Society including; LinkedIn (other relevant groups), Facebook, Twitter, and so on.