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    What is code?

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    Imagine this… You are an educated, successful person capable of abstract thought, and responsible for overseeing software development. You have a reputation throughout your organization as a careful person, bordering on penny-pinching. On the other side of your desk sits a guy wearing a taupe blazer in his mid-30’s with a computer in his lap. He tells you: “We’re basically at the limits with WordPress… All of the computer code that keeps the website running must be replaced.” A few problems exist within this scenario, one of which – you haven’t a clue about coding… To read more, click here. (Image source)

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    Health-Care Check-Up: Whose System Is Least Efficient?

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    Now here’s a bitter pill for Americans to swallow: The United States is the third most expensive country for medical care in the entire world. As revealed by an analysis by Bloomberg, health-care costs in the U.S. are surpassed only by Norway ($9,715 per person) and Switzerland. ($9,276 per person). Countries with the lowest health-care costs are listed as Thailand, Algeria, and the Dominican Republic. To see the full data regarding health care costs covering 55 countries, read more here. (Image source)  

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    The other side of paradise

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    According to the Economist, things are not exactly as they seem at most glamorous tech startups that offer illusory extravagant perks to their employees.  While software firms are supposed to be a paradise for “talent” – showering workers with fabulous salaries and perks to the likes of cooked food, on-site gyms and yoga classes – there exists yet another, not-so-glamorous flip-side to paradise. As the Economist means, such tech firms offering lavish perks to their staff do not do so out of the goodness of their hearts, but rather because they expect people to work so hard that they will not have…

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    Here comes SuperBoss

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    The Economist reveals how a cult of extreme physical endurance is taking root among executives. The article begins with a piece on the most absurd business-related tweet of the year – which must surely be the World Economic Forum (WEF) for its “14 things successful people do before breakfast”. It seems that, all the more, business executives are perceived as superhuman for all the things they manage to fit into a single day. This cult of the “SuperBoss” is nurtured by a growing army of personal trainers and yoga coaches who make their living by fine-tuning and de-stressing business leaders… Read more…

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    Is it “Worth the Click”?

    - by Joseph Paris

    From the publicly-traded, multi-national conglomerates, to Girl Scouts selling their cookies (Thin-Mints rule), to the budding entrepreneur who opens a lemonade stand – and everything in between – there are all manner of companies and individuals offering a near infinite variety of products and services.  And about as diverse as the companies and their offerings are, are the ways in which they attempt to build awareness (and the hoped-for resultant sales). The scope of this topic of marketing and building awareness is so vast that it would be impossible to adequately address each and every permutation in an article.  But…

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    Episode 3 – The Outliers Inn – Financial Services Across the Spectrum

    - by Operational Excellence Society

    Welcome to Episode 3 of the Outliers Inn podcast series: Financial Services Across the Spectrum Topic: Every day we read about finance and doing mega-deals, but what about finance for the average business owner?  Most start-ups rely on credit-cards, but did you know there are avenues other than credit-cards?  For instance, consider the valuable, yet obscure, role that pawn-shops might play – beyond “Pawn Stars”.  And then there are the nuances of engaging in finance in different parts of the world – after all, there is hardly a more intimate form of relationship between two people than those that involve money.…

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