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    Episode 5 – The Outliers Inn – Lean Six Sigma

    Welcome to Episode 5 of the Outliers Inn podcast series – Lean Six Sigma Topic: Lean Six Sigma – Join us as we discuss how to deliver operational excellence from the shop floor all the way up to management. Hosts: Joseph Paris, Founder of the OpEx Society & The XONITEK Group of Companies & Benjamin Taylor,  Managing Partner of RedQuadrant. Guests: Kevin Corrigan – Red Quadrant Listen here!    

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    Partnership Development – The Route to Lean Supply Chain

    - by Andrew Hemmings

    Whilst few within supply chain would argue against the concept and its potential benefits, there are barriers. Research carried out across leading manufacturing companies within the U.S.A showed that whilst 90% considered themselves as lean, only 20% extended deployment beyond the shop floor. Within the supply chain the main barriers were identified as: Perception that lean only applies to manufacturing operations. Different operating practices and standards between trading partners. Lack of commitment from all trading partners within a value stream. Lack of established measures to quantify the business value of lean and hence ROI. Resistance to change. Most supply chain…

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    2016-Feb; Trust Me…

    - by Operational Excellence Society

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    - by

    Although it is undeniable that Apple reigns supreme when it comes to making money, it is similarly true that the company is all the more facing even greater expectations. It seems there is no end in sight for the company that has amassed unspeakable amounts of money in a relatively short period of time. But with great success, comes great responsibility – and if the iThrone wants to continue its reign, continuous growth and never-ending improvement are the key words… To read more, click here. Image source

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    Apple’s winning streak

    Apple’s winning streak is soon to end

    - by

    The word on the street is all about how Apple will fare next quarter. Apple’s fortunes are dominated by the iPhone, from which it earns around two-thirds of its revenues. But thanks to turmoil in emerging markets, mainly in China where it makes a quarter of its sales, quarterly revenue is expected to fall by about 11% year-on-year… Could this spell the end of Apple’s winning streak? To read more, click here. (Image source)

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    Turning Sewage

    Turning Sewage Into a Refreshing Drink

    - by

    To put in plainly, Bloomberg takes us inside the technology that cuts the crap from water. This, being an innovation by Dow Chemicals to save the world from a possible water shortage – because everybody knows that everyone needs clean water – and it’s become more scarce. While sewage has been treated and used for irrigating crops, parks, and golf courses the world over, making it fit for human consumption requires a more rigorous filtration technology. This is the story of how Dow Chemical comes to the rescue by turning sewage into refreshing drinking water. To read more, click here. (Image…

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