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    Short-list announced for the 4th annual CEE Manufacturing Excellence and Industrial Property Awards

    Short-list announced for the 4th annual CEE Manufacturing Excellence and Industrial Property Awards The semi-final results for the upcoming EuropaProperty CEE Manufacturing Excellence and Industrial Property Awards representing the most outstanding and accomplished manufacturers, suppliers, companies, and individuals throughout the region in 2015 has been announced. The anticipated celebration, which will be attended by some of the region’s leading manufacturers and business leaders, will take place on June 16th 2016, at the Intercontinental Hotel in Warsaw, Poland. The annual CEE Manufacturing Excellence & Industrial Property Awards will support and recognize manufacturing success in all sectors of the industry, and is…

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    “Why did the Chicken Cross the Road?” an OpEx Answer

    - by Piotr Pikuła

    This is the story of an animal feed company in Poland and answers the question “why did the chicken cross the road?” An Interim project for KPI selection and building the Dashboard for Management on different levels. I am an Interim CFO with 20+ years of progressive experience in Finance. From consulting (audit and advisory – Arthur Andersen) through management positions in multinational corporations (Orange, Cisco Systems, Dell). Now as the Interim Finance Director/Interim CFO helping local companies as well as multinationals such as Viacom, and Cargill to overcome their Central European challenges, one such company was this Polish animal…

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    Right-Sizing your Current State Assessment

    - by Carla Gregory

    Right-Sizing your Current State Assessment Clients come to us when they need to redesign their business processes, and one thing is generally true of them all: they believe they need to do an in-depth current state assessment before they put pen to whiteboard to design the future state. They are surprised to learn that not every process project should begin with that sort of activity. If you’re on the process redesign path, use these four questions to right-size your current state assessment to fit the scale of your process redesign effort. Four Questions to Right-Size your Assessment 1. How much…

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    Lean Continuous Improvement

    Leading with Lean – Part 2

    Steve Jobs once said: “Be a Yardstick of Quality. Some people aren’t used to an environment where excellence is expected” Therefore a Quality Mind-set will only pervade the organisation when the Leadership actively models the behaviour. Only by living the approach to Quality that they desire can Leaders truly drive the change to a Culture of Qu This article is a continuation of Leading with Lean Part 1  3. Mosquito Leadership The third form of Leadership in the repertoire of the Lean Leader is termed ‘Mosquito Leadership’. There is a certain familiarity with the concept of spreading ideas, news or…

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    Inside the Gigafactory That Will Decide Tesla’s Fate

    - by

    The scope of Tesla Chief Executive Elon Musk’s vision – on par with the breadth of Tesla’s ambitions – is limitless to say the least. Bloomberg gives us an exclusive look inside Musk’s latest billion-dollar venture here, that goes by the name of Gigafactory 1. Born of the necessity to build a voluminous amount of batteries, the factory housing conference rooms named after chemical elements, is currently only 14 percent complete. Even under construction phase, plans around the place have been accelerated – which should be no surprise in the light of Tesla’s undying enthusiasm… But will they be able to reach…

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    The unexpected benefit of celebrating failure

    - by

    Entrepreneur, inventor, author and the head of X (formerly Google X), Astro Teller is a man on a mission with ideas that could reshape our lives and help make the world a wonderful place through technology. In this amazing TED talk, he gives us an insider look into what is called the “moonshot factory,” where he and his team is working on finding solutions to some of the world’s biggest problems. “Great dreams aren’t just visions,” says Astro Teller, “They’re visions coupled to strategies for making them real.” Teller is prone to creating an organization where people are comfortable working on…

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