Outliers Inn; Navigating Beyond…

Outliers Inn; Navigating Beyond…
July 12, 2020 Operational Excellence Society

Topic: We find Antlerboy in much better spirits and more positive. He has been a bit beat down due to being locked-down. But is finding working in his London garden – replete with a cherry tree, recently Amazon-delivered pond weed, potatoes and onions – is very therapeutic. JP is happy for Antlerboy, but wonders; just how big is this garden in London?

JP is itching to get back in the game; getting on an airplane and client-facing. Sitting and working from home is not his bag. But JP shares that he has booked a flight to the States for a few weeks from June into July and is looking forward to it.

We start the meat-and-potatoes of the conversation by discussing the shift in the work paradigm from office to home. In conversations with leaders of companies (admittedly anecdotal data and not empirical data), the near universal feedback is that people are more productive working from home. But although productivity might have increased in the near-term, what are the effects long-term? Humans being social creatures, is it healthy to be isolated from people for an extended period of time? Working from home, will people have the discipline to protect the borders of work time versus personal time?

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