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    new leaders

    5 Habits of Highly Successful NEW Leaders

    - by Eric Kulikowski

    Congratulations – you have been promoted into a leadership role for the first time and feel like you have the world by the horns. This is what you have been striving for your whole career up to this point. It is an amazing day indeed! It also can be one of the scariest days of your life … Moving into management is a big deal. You likely got a fancy title and a pay raise and maybe even an office all to yourself. Hey, look at you! The decision to move into a leader role, however, comes with great responsibility.…

  • Podcasts

    Episode 1 – The Outliers Inn – Leadership

    - by Operational Excellence Society

    Topic: What is a leader and what does leadership mean? In the continuing adventures of JP and Antlerboy, we explore the meaning and the practicalities. We fluff a joke about the perfect leader accidentally being defined as a despotic dictator, and tap a rich vein with memories of leadership lessons from high school sports coaches. And we stray into dangerous territory of leadership in the home – specifically our marriages. This is likely to be the first exploration of many in this field! We were lucky enough to be joined by Rick Torseth, who actually knows a bit about the subject,…

  • Thought Food

    Wal-Mart puts the squeeze on suppliers to share its pain as earnings sag

    - by

    Reuters reports that suppliers of everything from groceries to sports equipment are being squeezed for price cuts and cost sharing by Wal-Mart Stores. Moreover, they are bracing for the pressure to ratchet up even more after a shock earnings warning from the retailer last week. The discount store has always had a reputation for demanding lower prices from vendors, but Reuters has learned that even by its standards – Wal-Mart has been turning up the heat on them this year. Reuters discusses in more detail. To read more, click here. (Image source)

  • Thought Food

    How much of your audience is fake?

    - by

    According to Bloomberg, marketers mistakenly thought the Web would allow perfectly targeted ads. As based on a study last year in conjunction with the Association of National Advertisers, most of your digital ad audience isn’t even human anymore. So, who, or what views these ads that marketers had previously hoped to promote to people? Well, turns out eleven percent of display ads and almost a quarter of video ads are “viewed” by software, as opposed to people. This trend – which can now be called’ fraudulent advertising’, comes at a high cost to advertisers – who will have wasted around $6.3…

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    performance management

    Reinventing Performance Management

    - by

    Any company worth its salt should be aware of the possibility that their current process for evaluating the work of people is increasingly out of step with their main objectives. This is precisely why Deloitte is one such company that’s redesigning their performance management system. They are dead set on developing something squarely focused on fueling performance in the future rather than assessing it in the past. HBR examines Deloitte’s new performance management strategy in detail here, so you too can learn from it… To read more, click here. (Image source)

  • Thought Food

    Chairman Zhang’s flatpack skyscrapers

    - by

    On the outskirts of Changsha in southern China stands a new tower, which, among other skyscrapers, is unlikely to win any kind of architectural beauty awards. The size of it is modest by Chinese standards. However, what is startling about this particular building, is the speed at which it was built. Chinese entrepreneur Zhang Yue, is the man responsible and according to him – this is only the beginning. Under his oversight, it took just 19 days to build a 57-storey tower that has triggered a construction revolution – so to speak. At this pace, who knows what this man has…

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