The Outliers Inn; Malcolm Cawood – Kybernetica

Welcome to Episode 29 – Malcolm Cawood – Kybernetica

Topic:  A Capitalist, a Socialist, and a Communist walk into a podcast.  No, it’s not the start of a bad joke, just a bad podcast.  Malcolm Cawood, owner of Kybernetica, joins Antlerboy and JP to discuss his ideas behind “systems thinking”.  He certainly will share his fairly well developed sense of his own self-importance.  But, as an ultra-sceptic influenced both by scientific tradition, Greek stoicism, and (and this is key) Aristotle’s idea of rhetoric, he is totally subject to an overarching idea of “negotiability”.  An interesting journey of reconciliation; how does a person who is hyper-critical of himself, always on the “left” and anti-business, come to own a consulting firm and have clients that include high-finance.  We still don’t know.  Give a listen and let us know if you figure it, and Malcolm, out.

Listen now!

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