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    dark net

    How the Mysterious Dark Net is Going Mainstream

    - by

    Did you know there’s a parallel Internet you may not have run across or even heard of? Only accessed by a special browser, it is home to a freewheeling collection of websites for everything from anonymous activism to illicit activities. It’s the place to go for those who have something to hide… Hence the “dark net”. Learn more about it as Jamie Bartlett reports in this eye-opening TED talk. To watch this video, click here. (Image source)  

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    How an F student became america’s most prolific inventor

    - by

    For a guy who didn’t do well in any classes, Lowell Wood has certainly done well in breaking down stereotypical notions of intelligence and innovation. From often receiving the lowest score on exams, this guy went on to becoming an astrophysicist, a self-trained paleontologist and computer scientist, and, as of a few months ago, the most prolific inventor in U.S. history. Breaking Thomas Edison’s record that stood until July 7, 2015, Wood received U.S. Patent No. 9,075,906 for “Medical support system including medical equipment case.” To read more, click here. Image source

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    Episode 0 – The Outliers Inn – Inaugural Episode

    - by Operational Excellence Society

    Welcome to the inaugural episode of The Outliers Inn Podcast! Hosts: Joseph Paris, Founder of the OpEx Society,  & Benjamin Taylor,  Owner of RedQuadrant. Guest: Matt (Boom) Daniel Topic: This is the inaugural edition, so please forgive the roughness of it – we promise to get better over time!   Pretty much just getting our feet wet, figuring out the technology, etc.   Its a bit rough around the edges at times, again inaugural episode, so please forgive the dropouts and funny audio. Your hosts, Joseph and Benjamin, joined by guest Matt “Boom” Daniel, Marine Aviator and graduate of Top Gun, kick of…

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    Many-Tasking for Greater Productivity

    - by Garrett Lang

    Many-tasking My goal in writing this is to be educational and help others learn from my successful experiments, but I’m also hoping to coin a new term.  The term is “Many-tasking.”  Many-tasking turns multi-tasking inside out:  Where multi-tasking is dividing one person’s time across many tasks, usually very inefficiently, many-tasking is having many people focus on one deliverable, working simultaneously and cooperatively, creating hyper-efficiency.  I argue this enables a team to accomplish more work faster than ever before possible. Origin of many-tasking I started many-tasking about 12 years ago, using shared excel spreadsheets on a shared drive at work.  My…

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    When did Thinking Fall out of Fashion?

    - by Paul E. Køhn; P.Eng

    In the quest for continuous improvement and the desire for increasing levels of control, coupled with a fundamental lack of development for leaders at all levels, are we eschewing the capabilities of our employees by creating rigid systems of rules that may not be as effective as we once thought and; in a much more concerning way, are controlling away the very creativity that allows organizations to grow and evolve rather than become obsolete? How often have you been frustrated by blind adherence to processes that assume the worst in everyone.  We see this in everything from Airport security that…

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    Operational Excellence by Design eNewsletter – September 2015

    - by Operational Excellence Society

    Sponsored By Issue: 2015-9 SEPTEMBER 2015 A Message from our Founder… The Myth of Japanese Companies and Management Joseph F Paris Jr   It seems that at every Conference or gathering of higher-learning and thought-leaders – where the topic is Lean Six-Sigma – many of the attendees, and almost all of the speakers, glorify the supposedly unmatched performance and prowess of Japanese companies and their management. Enshrined as proof-positive in the most revered of holy scrolls is the Toyota Production System – the supposed map to the Promised Land. And when followers of this most sacred scripture speak, they declare…

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