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    Greece Sovereign-Debt Crunch: A very European crisis

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    When we think of Greece, we think of stature, mythology and tales of Zeus and Hercules. Greece today however, is a far cry from this. A country that has lived far beyond its means for quite some time. A country that has never recovered from recession, a country where one in 10 people are without a job. How did all of this happen? We take a deeper look into the dire situation and unearth some interesting topics. To read more, click here. (image source)  

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    2010-Feb: Operational Excellence by Design – the XONITEK eNewsletter

    - by Operational Excellence Society

      XONITEK eNewslettr                                                            February 2010   Operational Excellence by Design – A cross-disciplinary approach in the pursuit of perfection.  PRESIDENT’S PERSPECTIVES On being “Green” and “Global Warming”… By Joseph F Paris Jr I guess I should start by saying – flat out – that I am no believer in mankind being the cause of “Global Warming”, perhaps not even as a facilitator. As Mark Twain once said, “There are lies, damned lies, and statistics” – whose…

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    Budget and the deficit

    The Budget and the Deficit: An Opportunity Wasted

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    It all seemed clear a year ago, run up large budget deficits to make up for the huge private demand in the recession. And, when the economy recovers, switch to deficit reduction, to prevent nervous bond markets from pushing up interest rates. President, Barak Obama and his economic team wasted no time putting this into action and signing into law a two-year stimulus package that would “save or create” about 3.5m jobs. But an unexpected bad performance in unemployment rate and added economic weakness landed Obama in a uncomfortable spot. Even though the problem is obvious, the solution however is…

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    Top 10 Reasons High-Tech Salespeople Fail & What to do about It

    - by Dave Harman

    All sales professionals share common problems in their day-to day activities which lead to failure. Sales is a profession not unlike law, medicine, accounting or engineering; it requires continuous training and the refining of skills.  The following is a report based on research and observations of high-tech selling teams and describes the Top-10 problems and their solutions. Reason #1 Buyers have a system, sales people usually don’t. It is a battle of the plans, and the person with the stronger plan wins. Buyers have an effective system to deal with salespeople. Many technology buyers are formally trained in dealing with salespeople. The…

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    Sustainable Operations Excellence

    - by Darrell Casey

    With global competition at such a dynamic level that any day lost without operations improvement imperils the company’s economic position; the status quo simply leads to failure.  In order to out pace this competitive environment, companies are implementing strategies to establish competitive advantage as a low cost producer or as a stand out through product differentiation.  The overall strategic intent is the creation of systems with resources that are capable, flexible, and reliable to a performance level that establishes distinctive competencies in quality, efficiency, innovation, and responsiveness.  This distinctive competency thereby establishes greater value for both the customer and shareholders.  One of most prominent…

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    Get Lean

    Get Lean! (A Remedy to Crises?)

    - by Jerry Runser

    While many of us are thinking about “losing a few pounds”, that is not the focus of this article. It’s about reducing “waste”, not “waist”.  The topic is “Lean” as it applies to efficiency and effectiveness of organizations.  Just as being lean is healthy for people, being Lean is healthy for organizations, including businesses, government, schools and not-for-profit institutions. The Wikipedia definition of “Lean” (in this context) is: a production practice that considers the expenditure of resources for any goal other than the creation of value for an end customer to be wasteful, and thus a target for elimination.  Resources include money, people’s time, facilities, machines,…

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