Samsung’s smartphone woes

Samsung’s smartphone woes
October 20, 2016

According to the Economist,  the world’s second-biggest technology firm is facing an uphill battle. After the former owner of Samsung had ordered a significant number of smartphones to be destroyed in an attempt to reverse the unfortunate effects of negative reports from unhappy Business partner-customers – Samsung thought that it had managed to save itself from a series of unfortunate events regarding the Galaxy Note 7 smartphone.  It had also swiftly recalled 2.5m of the phones after the batteries in some had caught fire. But recently it came to light that the new and improved replacement units were also prone to spontaneous combustion. Now, apart from the substantial financial burden of removing the device from the market, the “Note 7 crisis” has posed some serious questions concerning the livelihood of the company, spelling more and yet underlined longer-term problems.

Could this spell the end of Samsung as we know it?

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