The Outliers Inn; Operational Excellence in Government – an impossible dream?

Welcome to Episode 8 of the Outliers Inn podcast – Operational excellence in Government – an impossible dream?

Topic: Despite Benjamin’s protestations, the pair and their illustrious guests are brought down by the challenges of operational excellence in Government. Ed Straw, former PwC partner, think tank and national relationship counselling organisation board member, and author of Stand & Deliver: A Design for Successful Government, talks about the need for a systemic focus on results, and Sasa Linic, adviser to the prime minister of Serbia for the UN Development Programme, focuses on a need for transparency. All of them are seeking hope for Government and all of them get up in the morning filled with the drive to change and improve. JP looks on unsure whether to admire or pity…

Hosts: Joseph Paris & Benjamim Taylor

Guests: Ed Straw, Sasa Linic

Listen here!

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