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    What’s the Bottom Line for Customer Experience? Can the Investment Pay Back?

    - by Vivian Hairston Blade

    More than a ‘Happy’ Meal! I recently ordered food via the drive thru at a local fast food restaurant.  Though I don’t go there often, it’s not the first time I’ve ordered at this restaurant’s drive thru – or at many others for that matter. But this time, it was different.  I thought to myself, “Is this just a fluke, or are they really trying to be better?”  I even started to ask for the manager to compliment the employees, but decided not to hold up the cars behind me.  Besides, I wanted to see if happens the next time I go there. OK, so…

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    2009-Jul; XONITEK eNewsletter, Operational Excellence by Design

    Operational Excellence by Design – A cross-disciplinary approach in the pursuit of perfection.  XONITEK eNewsletter July 2009 ANNOUNCEMENTS & EVENTS XONITEK Telephone Numbers Change In order to better support our clients and our business partners – XONITEK Corporation (USA) is deploying a new telephony system which will facilitate the communication and collaboration of the resources throughout the XONITEK Value-Chain.  The new telephone numbers are: 888.996.7771 – United States, Toll Free 646.308.1343 – International (United States Based) Click here to read more…   XONITEK Leverages East of England International for EU Expansion XONITEK is very pleased to announce a strategic partnership with East of England International (EEI). EEI has been on hand…

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    Private Equity: A Brave New World

    - by Joseph Paris

    I have been involved with the Mergers and Acquisitions marketplace for several years. I have seen my fair share of the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to the orientations, motivations, and activities of the various Private Equity firms (as well as some Hedge Funds) to whom I have been exposed and with whom I have worked. I believe that Private Equity firms can provide a valuable, if not invaluable, service to the businesses in which they invest and many have done a lot of good.  I also believe that there are many Private Equity firms that have not done a lot…

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    When Tax Revenues Go Down, Audits Go Up…

    - by Robert W. Clarke

    Many people would rather have a root canal than undergo a tax audit – but it’s a fact that when the tax revenue declines as a result of a recession, tax audits increase.   With the number of audits on the rise, increasing numbers of business owners and individuals may have to endure a visit from the taxman.  So now it is more important than ever to prepare yourself and protect your business. As if having to fork over taxes to federal, state and local governments wasn’t enough in these tough economic times, experts are warning companies that they can probably expect more audits…

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    eMail: Can’t Live With It, Can’t Live Without It…

    - by Tony Kujawa

    Is email out of control in your organization? Are you frustrated that your employees seem to be constantly ‘using email’ and not focusing on the important issues?  At the same time, do you feel that the issue is not strategic enough to warrant your detailed attention – that it can’t be a top management concern? The email issue is full of contradictions, but it is getting worse. Read our interview with a typically harassed CEO to find out how to regain control over email and, more importantly, how to regain your employee’s attention. CEO: “Email is out of control.” This phrase…

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    Working On the Web

    - by Ed Giles

    Have you noticed the plethora of web apps lately?  Whether you need something for your desktop or your mobile device, it seems that no matter what the situation, a web app can be procured to handle it. Lately, the mobile market has been the target of most of the web apps that we are becoming familiar with and in many cases, depend upon.  We’ve all seen the iPhone campaign “There’s an App for That”.  Well, it seems that yes, there is an app for everything, and not only for Apple’s device.  If you have a cell phone then you know about texting.  That’s a neat feature…

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