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Outliers Inn; New Ventures and Longest Nights

Antlerboy starts off the show with a confession; that he has been seeing other people – in fact quite a selection of other people.  Behind JP’s back but in broad daylight, he has been recording two other podcasts; “Joy and Work” for leading (public) service transformation, and “Transduction” for the systems, complexity, and cybernetics.  He also shares that his launch strategy is rather atypical in that he is purposefully limiting his audience to a “need to listen” basis with a tight circle of trust and with limited outreach.  JP thinks this is a rather odd launch strategy indeed.  But then again, JP got a bit lost (but not surprised) when Antlerboy started talking about the subject matter having socialist and liberal leanings and academic wonks being the source for many of his episodes.

JP expresses concern that Antlerboy’s appetite for strange is insatiable and that he should seek help – this before confessing that he too has recently launched a new podcast himself entitled “Supercharged Supply Chain”.  But JP’s also shares that his new podcast is a bit of a struggle because he is not used to having a co-host who is so much smarter than he is, and it takes a lot of work on his part to be sure to be on his toes. Of course, both Antlerboy and JP wish each other much success with their new ventures.

In this episode, we will hear from Sam in Sweden share his personal transformation and how the darkest days of winter grind on him.  We will hear from Stephan from France as he copes with the conflicting (convoluted) guidance for holiday shopping.  And we will hear another song from Mandalyn.

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