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Readiness Institute’s Operational Excellence Enterprise Readiness System (Learning Platform and Curriculum)

The Operational Excellence has noticed that business improvement projects follow a predictable pattern. The company initiates a program in an operational unit. Within a short time, it scores easy victories and realizes gains. This justifies deploying additional resources to continue the positive trend. But after the low-hanging fruit is gathered, the program often stalls and disillusionment sets in. The program sputters for time before being abandoned or replaced with a new initiative.

To combat this too-common scenario, the society has developed the Operational Excellence Enterprise Readiness System — a certification program designed to create strategic alignment at all levels of a company while closing gaps and delivering results that are measurable, sustainable and replicable.

It is important to understand that individual certification is not the goal, only a means to achieving the higher goal of company certification through the Operational Excellence Enterprise Readiness System.


When considering investment requirements, it’s important to consider factors that lie beyond the direct cost and methods of the program. We must also consider all of the indirect costs, such as the development and maintenance of internal curriculum, specifically.

It is important for your company to realize they are not in the curriculum-development business. Thinking otherwise will doom the program from the beginning, crushed under the weight of the investment requirements and soon forgotten because of development delays with no value to the organization realized. Instead, the curriculum should be licensed from some source that largely satisfies the desired outcome of your company.

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