Outliers Inn Ep. 21

The Outliers Inn; Operational Improvement

Welcome to Episode 21 of the Outliers Inn – Operational Improvement – Is it a Waste of Time?

Topic: The guest for this episode is Russell Gundry, who tries to argue with Antlerboy and JP that Operational Excellence is all wrong. The trouble is they end up agreeing, mostly. We discuss how operational excellence can be misguided to solving the wrong problems, and the importance of getting into the murk of considering problems in context. Our journey ranges from impassioned debates on all of the big subjects, from healthcare to parking. Russell tries to make the case for taking an ecological viewpoint, which is met by light ribbing. The boys then discuss what ecological operational improvement might mean.

Russell runs 3rdopinion  – an organisation established to design services and products that meet the needs of the people who use them. He works mainly with health and care organisations, balancing the needs of communities with the possibilities of new technology.

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