4 Initiatives That Will Give Your Supply Chain a Competitive Advantage

Reinventing your approach to customers, sustainability, analytics and work design will propel it forward.

What do high-performing supply chain organizations do differently? According to Gartner research, they are strategic advisors to their C-suite and are reinventing their approach to customer enablement, sustainability, real-time execution and human-centric work design.

In fact, over the coming five years, 80% to 90% of supply chains plan to rethink these four areas of operations — but the high-performing ones have already started. This year and going forward, it’s mission critical to adopt new practices to pull ahead of the competition and become a supply chain of the future.

What’s ahead for supply chain

“Using high-performing supply chains as a guide, you can capture a five-year competitive advantage with these four initiatives,” says Jennifer Loveland, Senior Director Analyst at Gartner.

  1. Supply chain will move beyond customer satisfaction to customer enablement
  2. Supply chain will embed sustainability in operations
  3. Supply chain will move beyond real-time analytics to real-time execution
  4. Supply chain will implement human-centric work design

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