RPT-INSIGHT: Electric car revolution brightens outlook for a medley of metals

Electric cars such as the Nissan Leaf may be paving the way for a revolution in the market for metals used in the industry. The new materials used to build these futuristic cars, such as Lithium, could open up a new field for commodities investors. For example, the new demand for key elements used in electric car batteries, has seen shares in Lithium producing companies sharply rise this year. However, this in not a simple one-way bet, for reasons that encompass the possible shortage of lithium in the long term on par with an ever-increasing demand for it, for example. Furthermore, getting drivers to adopt electric cars remains a challenge- even if it does mean obvious benefits including environmental friendliness and savings on fuel and servicing. Reuters means that if electric cars are indeed to boost the demand for a medley of metals, then the battery industry will have to diversify its sources, for one thing.

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