Storm and Richard

The Outliers Inn; Storm and Richard

Welcome to Episode 25 of the Outliers Inn – Storm and Richard.

Topic:  A Canadian with a store called, Uncle Sam’s and an ambidextrous artist known for her “Cool People” walk into a bar. Neither drink – but alas drink in LIFE! Together, they meet to discuss their downtown, New York City take-over.

Richard, the mayor of 8th Street joins Storm, the new creative innovator on the block. Both with history of dreaming and executing, the natural-born entrepreneurs embark in co-naming their Street as Jimi Hendrix Way, while collaborating to reinvent fashion retail.

Join Antlerboy and JP in the fun as they chat with two of the most creative, colorful, and energetic guests to-date on this installment of The Outliers Inn – complete with sound effects.

Listen here

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