The Outliers Inn; Business Diet Fad

The Outliers Inn; Business Diet Fad
September 18, 2017 Operational Excellence Society

Welcome to Episode 22 of The Outliers Inn – Business Diet Fad

Topic: Our guest this week is Gem Holmes, no longer a hidden “Gem” but a public speaker and organisational change leader, who shares a love of Primitivo with JP and a change leader in Northgate plc. A natural born leader with a drive to deliver ‘excellence’.  Change & transformation has a high failure rate, often created due to resistance from individuals in an organisation. We talk about how individuals appraise change when presented with it, and what happens when the purpose hasn’t been made clear (“fight, flight, freeze” or, as we’re reminded, “fawn”)!  When it comes to improvements in operational efficiencies or delivering the business’ strategic vision – do we think it’s process or is it organisational behaviour? To add just a touch of humour, we also make the link between business and diet crazes!

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