Joseph Paris – Speaking Engagements

The founder of the OpEx Society, Joseph Paris, is an internationally renowned public speaker, and speaking is his Gemba, (a Japanese word that means “the real place”)…

Keynote sessions that Joseph Paris include, and are not limited to;

Lessons from Mt. Stupid

Why do Lean / Continuous Improvement Programs fail to achieve their potential?

What is the psychology behind failure and success?

How can we work towards becoming Stewards and being the servant-leader?

Guerilla Transformation – Turning an Insurgency into a Movement

Why is there resistance to change?

How can a credible threat / a disruptor be engineered and properly deployed?

How can the acceleration of the disruptor be controlled?

What can go wrong and how can it be avoided?

The Operational Excellence Enterprise Readiness Model

This talk will discuss what is needed to cut-across the corporate silos and become a cohesive unit. Paris shows how to define, then communicate the goals (future state). Then he will explore a model for creating the necessary state of readiness to pursue those goals.  And he will discuss how to achieve a condition of preparedness to effectively and efficiently address opportunities and threats that might present themselves during the journey.

Joseph Paris also offers his services as Panel Moderator at conferences and events near you. Having moderated 100’s of notable business and OpEx related conferences & events,  he offers utmost professional panel moderating skills.

If you would like Joseph Paris to serve as panel moderator at an event or conference near you, please contact him today.

We invite you to join him at his next speaking engagement to learn from each other, debate, and discover together. And if your organization has an upcoming event, let’s discuss your topic ideas for a keynote address, panel discussion, or lecture to challenge and energize your participants.

Joseph Paris also offers his professional services as Chairman of conferences, meetings and business-oriented seminars and events worldwide. An experienced and credited Chairman of over 300+ conferences worldwide.



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