Inequality and the World Economy: True Progressivism

Modern politics are currently faced with the challenge of mitigating inequality without damaging economic growth and subsequently the world economy. However, in the majority of the emerging world, leaders would rather bury their heads in the sand when it comes to the issue of inequality. Why is this? Because at the heart of this subject is a lack solution orientated ideas. The right wing doesn’t believe inequality is a sizable issue, while the left wants to raise income tax to a point that jeopardizes the economy. While a measure of inequality benefits the economy, inequality has now reached a point where it can become detrimental to growth. One may argue that what is desperately required is a new perspective, or rather, True Progressivism. We propose a solutions orientated suggestion that borrows concepts from both left and right in order to combat inequality in three ways that pose no threat to the growth of the world economy.

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