Trademarkia Upends Trademark Filing

Trademarkia Upends Trademark Filing
June 6, 2011
Trademarkia Upends Trademark Filing Process

Need a lawyer to help you trademark your start-up? No! Because now there’s a website for that. Since Trademarkia made its debut, the legal website has streamlined the usually combersome and often pricey trademarking process, and made the task cheaper. Putting technology to use in an attempt to support the underdogs, co-founder Raj Abhyanker describes Trademarkia as a powerful search engine that mines the USPTO trademark database more efficiently than the government’s own search tool. As could be anticipated, feathers have been ruffled, and a host of compliants have been directed at the website. These complaints have specifically been serving to call Trademarkia out on various questionable technical and legal-related matters. However, the company is holidng firm to its convictions and business model, and refuses to back down.

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