Forget Wi-Fi. Meet the new Li-Fi Internet

Forget Wi-Fi. Meet the new Li-Fi Internet
December 4, 2015
Li-Fi Internet

Communications technology innovator, Harold Haas, is the pioneer behind a new technology that can communicate as well as illuminate. In this groundbreaking TED talk, Haas dares to answer the question: What if we could use existing technologies to provide Internet access to billions of people living in places where the infrastructure currenty does not allow it? He promulgates an answer in the form of a pioneering venture that entails using off-the-shelf LEDs and solar cells, for creating a new technology that transmits data using light. This, may just be the key to bridging the great digital divide the world has been waiting on. Watch this video to take a peek at what lies beyond Wi-Fi: Li-Fi Internet.

To watch this video, click here.

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