State of Readiness; Michael Rabbitt, Argonne National Laboratory

In this episode, I welcome Michael Rabbitt, Head of Business Transformation, Argonne National Laboratory, a world-class research laboratory.  Having a BA in Operations Management and Information Systems and earning his MBA in Human Resource Management, Michael will share his journey; how his interests evolved over time, the experiences he gained in change management, and his observations and the changes he had to make in moving from the private sector (insurance) to the public sector (research).

The passion that Michael has for operational excellence and helping others is obvious even to the casual passer-by.  It is anchored by his core values and rooted in his servant leadership which he demonstrates in both his professional and personal lives – never being shy to hold himself accountable.  He believes that his empathy for those he wishes to influence, and a focus on customer satisfaction are keys to his success and will result in sustainable change for the better.

Listen here

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