Outliers Inn; Wacky Projects

About the podcast

In this special episode of The Outliers Inn, JP and Mule welcome back one of the founding fathers (or is it non-birthing units); Antlerboy, who graces us with his presence after taking a bit of a dream walk (without the peyote buttons). Indeed, the Inn has not been the same without him – its certainly been better, but not the same. 😉

And we are happy to welcome back as guests some of our early and irregular guests; Peter (who is getting ready to transition out of the corporate world, from the back nine into the clubhouse), Stephane (who is enjoying his enhanced freedom now that France has relaxed its COVID restrictions), Don (who is still making award-winning craft beer, including a special gummy-bear concoction), and Allan from Quebec (who is retired, but still up for having a legal beverage with us and sharing his stories).

JP also shares an “Easter Egg”, InspireNow.live… Stay tuned…

The entire episode is devoted to some of the more wacky goings-on and experiences we have had on projects and in general. There are a lot of laughs, banter, and self-deprecating humor that we are sure you will enjoy; so give a listen!

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