Outliers Inn; Lady’s Night

Topic:  Okay, the notion was noble, but the presentation might have been better.  If this was an episode of Master Chef with Antlerboy and JP being the wanna-be cooks, we would certainly have presented a repulsive-looking dish, but it tasted darn good.

So here’s the story;  Antlerboy and JP had noticed that all of the guests at The Outliers Inn have been men.  Certainly, the men have themselves have been diverse in geography, industry and profession – but they have all been men.  So we wanted to consciously seek to make our guests more diverse and we came up with the idea to devote a show only to guests who were women – and decided to call the episode “Lady’s Night” (I believe it was Antlerboy’s idea).  Try as he might, JP could not come up with another name with less sexist undertones, so we went with it.  We won’t do that again – we will find another name if we do a repeat.

But our guests were gracious, understanding, and forgiving of our faux pas.  And it’s a good thing.  Because their conversations and contributions left an indelible and positive on the managers of The Outliers Inn and hope they will return soon.  We are sure you will enjoy their sharing their thoughts and goings-on as much as we did.

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