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The Outliers Inn; Scooby Doo Leadership

Welcome to Episode 13 of The Outliers Inn podcast: Scooby Doo Leadership

Topic: Scooby and Scrappy – sorry, JP and Antlerboy – discuss an approach to organisations that is low budget, occasionally shows the join around the edges, and recycles the same story again and again. Not The Outliers Inn podcast, but Philip Holt’s Scooby Doo leadership:

There’s always a bad guy, always a mystery, and nobody exactly knows what they are there for. Much like the podcast, which at least gives Benjamin the chance to plug his book; knowing no business ‘answers’, he and colleagues have asked ‘The 99 Essential Business Questions’ – buy now from

But if you actually want to know about leading – from a lean perspective and to get results, you should read Philip’s tome – in English and Dutch:

Hosts: Joseph Paris & Benjamin Taylor

Guest: Philip Holt

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