Smarter Business Exits: Strategies and Toolkits for Corporate Divorce, Succession Planning and Joint Exits

Smarter Business Exits: Strategies and Toolkits for Corporate Divorce, Succession Planning and Joint Exits

Looking to profitably exit your business?

In other words, are you a business owner with partners seeking to achieve smarter growth while designing an exit strategy and succession planning?

Smarter Business Exits helps you identify classic solutions to foreseeable scenarios, so you can plan, adapt, renew, transform and restructure for exit excellence at different stages of your business’s lifecycle.

WARNING: Reading this book and implementing its strategies could lead to a significant increase in your liquidity, net worth, happiness and ambition to restart new projects and relationships.

Start reading now to:

  • understand how to design your organization for a business exit lifecycle;
  • learn how corporate governance for owners can protect all parties;
  • discover how dispute resolution can be successfully achieved;
  • know what to do when corporate divorce litigation is foreseeable;
  • learn the tips to special succession planning for family businesses;
  • find exit strategies for startups and other multi-owner companies;
  • discover the five types of exit planning toolkits your business must have;
  • and gain even more than that!

Smarter Business Exits answers the following question:

How can I use governance tools to keep my fellow co-owners fulfilling their promises of service, loyalty, productivity and commitment during business exits?

Scroll up and grab your copy now to discover how your exit path can be planned and executed to minimize ongoing pain and optimize your opportunities for exiting (or restructuring) your business!

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Genres: Entreprenuership, Risk Management
ASIN: B0854B7218
ISBN: 9781943386789
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