Lean Potion #9: Communication: The Next Lean Frontier

Lean Potion #9: Communication: The Next Lean Frontier
Genres: Communication, Leadership
Publisher: Ashir Diss, LLC
Publication Year: 2014
ISBN: 9781622170746

For effective execution in today’s complex global arena, your organization needs people from different areas and functions to interact and collaborate effectively. And this is not always easy, given that participants may be geographically separated, belong to different cultures, and speak different languages. Misunderstandings related to these factors can contribute dramatically to unbudgeted costs and, on occasion, deal a heavy blow to your bottom line.

Like most managers, even if you recognize the risk that bad communication may negatively affect your finances, you may tend to opt for a quick fix or a technology solution—perhaps because you are under the impression that this “soft” problem can be solved with an approach normally used for other problems.

The reality is that once these patches fail, it’s left up to people on the front lines to interact effectively and manage day-to-day issues as they occur.

This book offers a better alternative: address communication as a process, and apply familiar Lean methodologies to uncover the underlying factors that can impact the quality of any interaction. While Lean may have originated for the factory floor, today’s global supply chains that extend for thousands of miles have become the new factory floor, requiring more than ever clear and lean communication among all players.

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Excerpt Review by Shingo Examiners:

Lean Potion #9 addresses communication in a very positive way, …the authors integrate messages from other thought leaders like Goldratt or Covey… This book is filled with thought-provoking stories and examples that demonstrate the various concepts. There are numerous examples of office lean materials that focus on improving communication flow. The book presents thoughts in an engaging manner…. For those who have not considered communication flow improvement … It’s a nice read since quality communication is basic change management for any lean journey.


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About the Book

About the Author

Sam Yankelevitch is an author, entrepreneur, seasoned business leader and speaker whose expertise is focused on the problems and pitfalls organizations are experiencing in the increasingly complex and disruptive 21st century. For over 30 years he has worked in small and mid-size companies with a highly successful track record developing and managing internal and external relationships with diverse workforces, customers and suppliers. Sam established several highly effective global supply chain operations through his insights on the urgency of clear communication and its impact on successful project management and global business operations. His adoption and application of many of Toyota’s “lean” principles to the transfer of information has had a significant effect on improving value chain outcomes in manufacturing and service organizations. Guided by Lean Potion #9- Communication: The Next Lean Frontier, Sam has conducted presentations to train business leaders and executives on the threats of miscommunication and the costly consequences. Sam’s integration of lean philosophies and methodologies to communicate more effectively across languages and cultures is an excellent complement to organizations who want to improve their success and competitiveness using lean principles in business operations.
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