Shhhh! – Helping introverts thrive

The Economist combines psychology and business in a brilliant and thought provoking manner here. This article expounds on Carl Jung’s original 1921 introvert-extrovert theory in the light of the modern day business arena, by showing how the empowerment of introverts can help a company thrive.  A refreshing discussion that remains mostly untouched, is finally addressed here and succeeds in sparking a second thought on the notion of reversing the prejudice against introverts, in an attempt to achieve a sort of equilibrium with the dominating “extrovert ideal”. Dropping names to the likes of Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates, who achieved tremendous success in spite of their introverted nature, provides this piece with a solid backbone. The proposed empowerment of introverts are also already being incorporated by giants like Google and Amazon. Enough said…?

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