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Joseph Paris Joins Lean Management Journal’s Editorial Board – June 2012

Lean Management Journal announces that XONITEK’s Joseph Paris has joined their editorial board.  Robert Priolo, Editor for LMJ, made it official with this announcement:

I believe there is a lot in store for the journal in the coming months… the editorial board has a great role to play in supporting the expansion of the journal.

It is with this in mind that I would like to welcome Joseph Paris to the editorial board of the LMJ.  He is founder of the Operational Excellence Society, a non-profit group whose chapters around the world encourage debate and exchange of ideas between professionals in the operational excellence community. The number of chapters is growing steadily, and I had the pleasure to attend a couple of the meetings in Warsaw and Munich a few months ago.

The OpEx Society are strong and passionate supporters of LMJ, providing help to us in many forms. I myself am a big fan of the society and its endeavours.

Joe is also chairman of XONITEK Consulting Group, a thought leader and prolific author. He represents a great addition to the LMJ editorial board.

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