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I took a break from writing in August so that I could develop and refine a new Masterclass and Workshop for Emotional Intelligence (sometimes referred to as EQ).  Among the reference books that I used was “The Emotional Intelligence Quick Book“.  Written by Travis Bradberry and Jean Greaves, it was one of the first books of its kind on the subject – and one I recommend to gain a base of understanding.

In looking for materials on how to engage socially and collaborate, I decided to look further into one of my more favorite tools, Red-Teaming.  In these efforts, I came I also came across three PDF which are approved for public release and whose distribution is unlimited;

  • The Red Team Handbook” from the University of Foreign and Cultural Studies.
  • “Red Teaming Guide” from the United Kingdom Ministry of Defence
  • “A Simple Handbook for Non-Traditional Red Teaming” from the Australian Department of Defence

I am sure you will find them all to be interesting reads and invaluable references for those interested in Emotional Intelligence and the role it plays in pursuing a “State of Readiness” and becoming a high-performance organization.

The Emotional Intelligence Quick Book: Everything You Need to Know to Put Your EQ to Work

Authors Bradberry and Greaves use their years of experience as emotional intelligence researchers, consultants, and speakers to revitalize our current understanding of emotional intelligence in this must-read book. They have combined their latest research on emotional intelligence with a quick, easy-to-use format and cut-to-the-chase information to demonstrate how this other kind of “smart” helps us to decrease our stress, increase our productivity, understand our emotions as they happen, and interact positively with those around us.

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The Red Teaming Handbook

Red teaming is a function that provides commanders an independent capability to fully explore alternatives in plans, operations, concepts, organizations and capabilities in the
context of the operational environment (OE) and from the perspectives of partners, adversaries and others. In order for a Red Team to effectively contribute to decision making, core elements are required and revealed in this book – subtitled “The Army’s Guide to making better decisions”, and released by the University of Foreign Military and Cultural Studies in the US.

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The Red Team Guide

Red Teaming Guide is designed by the UK Ministry of Defence to introduce and guide those who wish to practise or use red teaming. It describes the concept of red teaming and its core ideas, the roles of those using and participating in red teaming, guidelines for good red teaming and a ‘how to’ guide in terms of applying red teaming to a specific problem. It supersedes the previous (first) edition of the Guide to Red Teaming published in February 2010.

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A Simple Handbook for Non-Traditional Red Teaming

This report represents a guide for those wishing to apply red teaming methods in a structured manner, and provides lessons developed in both the military and national security environments. It describes the practice of red-teaming in the context of biases and heuristics followed by techniques and activity designs allowing others to design and apply red activites across a range of domains. Released by the Australian Defence Science and Technology Group (DST).

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by Joseph Paris

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