What is “Operational Excellence”?

The working definition of Operational Excellence by the Operational Excellence Society is;

“Operational Excellence is a state of readiness that is attained as the efforts throughout the organization reach a state of alignment for achieving its strategies; and where the corporate culture is committed to the continuous and deliberate improvement of company performance AND the circumstances of those who work there – and is precursor to becoming a high-performance organization.”

Basically, Operational Excellence is how we get an organization to operate better as an organization; not just vertical optimizations, but horizontal integrations; people, processes, systems, and technology.

As such, Operational Excellence involves and includes the totality of the organization and its entire value-chain; not just what happens within its four walls. This means the number of topics eligible to have a panel discussion are nearly infinite.

Our Audience

Our potential audience is almost 1m strong. There are ~100k in the LinkedIn Operational Excellence Group, another ~850k in the LinkedIn Lean Six Sigma Group, ~20k subscribers to our eNewsletter, plus the subscribers to our podcasts, YouTube and Vimeo Channels, Twitter, and Facebook.

We will promote the panel discussion across all of our platforms prior to the production and share the recorded production as a podcast afterwards (and encourage panel facilitators and panelists to do the same). We will also include the recorded production in our eNewsletter, “Operational Excellence by Design”.

The Program

Format: A virtual roundtable discussion facilitated by a subject matter expert on a specific topic and up to three (3) panelists (who should also have significant experience in the topic which is the subject of the panel).  Sales pitches are strictly prohibited; its all about driving value to the audience.

Fees:  Because space is limited, there will be a nominal registration fee associated with attending the roundtable.  This is more to ensure the sincerity of those wanting to attend and to minimize the number of no-shows.

  • Facilitator; The responsibilities for the facilitator is to lead the organization of the roundtable, collaborate with the panelists, and promote the roundtable invite and produced podcast to their LinkedIn network.  Facilitators are also encouraged to nominate panelists who they believe would help round-out the panel.  The facilitator will receive top-billing for the roundtable in the promotion activities leading up to the roundtable and in the final production of the roundtable podcast, and a brief bio with headshot and links to their LinkedIn profile and organization.
    • There is no fee for the facilitator if they are a practitioner in industry or in academia.
    • The fee for the facilitator is $500 if the facilitator is a solution provider as there is considerable and long-term promotional benefits as detailed above. The fee is payable upon acceptance of the abstract.
  • Panelist; The responsibilities for the panelists would be to help promote the roundtable by sharing the invite to their LinkedIn network and to collaborate with the facilitator.  The number of panelists in the roundtable is limited to three (3).  The panelists will receive all of the benefits of the facilitator, but in subordinate placement.
    • There is no fee for the panelist if they are a practitioner in industry or in academia.
    • The fee for the panelist is $250 if the panelist is a solution provider as there is considerable promotional benefits as detailed above. The fee is payable upon being accepted as a panelist.

  • Participants: The fee for participants will be $25 and they are encouraged to engage the panel by submitting questions to the panel.

The Basics

Your host: Joseph Paris https://linkedin.com/in/josephparis

To be considered, submit your details and the abstract for the panel discussion below. You will also be sent an MS-Word document for more complete information on the production of the roundtable and for sharing the details of any proposed panelists for your panel. There are also additional terms and conditions detailed in the MS-Word document.

Once we have reviewed your submission, we will reach-out to you to let you know whether the abstract has been accepted, declined, or if additional information is needed. If accepted, we will conduct a briefing call so that the roundtable can be finalized.

Facilitator’s Details

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