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Issue: 2017-09
September 2017

Founder’s Corner
Wicked Problems

Joseph Paris


There are all manner of problems (being an optimist, I rather use the term “challenge”) that we face each and every day.


Most of these challenges are simple enough: what’s for dinner this eve; is there traffic on the highway that is going to impede my progress; do I have any clean underwear, and so on.  Some challenges are more complex; how are we going to meet our production schedule; my primary vendor has failed and I need to bring a replacement on-line; which automobile or house should I purchase and what are the financing options, etc…


Then there are “wicked problems”.

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OPEX & Manufacturing Innovations
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September 28 – September 29 | Hannover, Germany

The OpEx Society invites you to join us at this superb event, at which Joseph Paris will be acting as Chairman and deliver a Keynote Talk among
various other industry experts.


Digital Transformation & Operational Excellence Summit

November 8 – 10, 2017 | London

We invite you to join us this world-class summit, at which Joseph Paris will be delivering
a full-day workshop (on the 8th) based on his book “State of Readiness” , in addition to delivering a Keynote talk on “The Role of the CIO in the 21st Century Co


The Business Transformation & Operational Excellence World Summit 

March 19, 2017 – March 23 | Orlando, Florida

Join us at
The Business Transformation & Operational Excellence World Summit (BTOES18): The largest gathering of progressive leadership-level executives within Business Transformation & Operational Excellence. 
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Five steps Guaranteed to Increase B2B Sales Revenue and Margins

So, how is your company’s sales process working? Responses to that question often paint an ugly picture:

  • “We just don’t have the discipline to make a sales process work.”
  • “We put it in place but the people just don’t follow it. They like to do their own thing.”
  • “We have trouble because our sales managers don’t have time to coach their people properly.”
  • “We are good at determining the sales process, but people insist on doing it their own way.”
By Michael Webb

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Thought Food






Operational Excellence Sustainability – The First frontier of change

The Problem


As Covey said: “Begin with the end in mind”
Why should this principle be applicable to the subject of sustainability when performing improvement projects under the Operational Excellence banner?


What we see in deploying many projects across a variety of organisations is a lot of enthusiasm and energy for change at the start of the initiative only for it to be eaten away by the challenges and issues that develop during a change project…


By Neil Trivedi

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The Outliers Inn Podcast
Topic:  The guest for this episode is Russell Gundry, who tries to argue with Antlerboy and JP that Operational Excellence is all wrong. The trouble is they end up agreeing, mostly. We discuss how operational excellence can be misguided to solving the wrong problems, and the importance of getting into the murk of considering problems in context. Our journey ranges from impassioned debates on all of the big subjects, from healthcare to parking. Russell tries to make the case for taking an ecological viewpoint, which is met by light ribbing. The boys then discuss what ecological operational improvement might mean.
Russell runs
3rdopinion  – an organisation established to design services and products that meet the needs of the people who use them. He works mainly with health and care organisations, balancing the needs of communities with the possibilities of new technology.



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OpEx Elements vs. Human Systems


OpEx Vault



Family Conflicts = Business Crisis

Failure to address unresolved intra-family conflicts will affect performance of the family business. Likewise, crises within the business exacerbate intra-family disputes.


Conflict in family business is heightened during times of economic challenge and transition. Typically, when a family company fails, external forces are not the main cause. Estate planning preferences, tax policy, lack of adequate succession alternatives and unresolved intra-family tensions often hasten the firm’s demise.

When a gap between reality and expectation generates anxiety, family relationships are often harmed. Under-performance, poor management (of both the family and the business) and inadequate planning lead to fractured relationships, particularly during times of adversity…



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