Operational Excellence by Design eNewsletter – September 2016

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Issue: 2016-9
September 2016

Founder’s Corner

Wicked Problems


Joseph F Paris Jr

There are all manner of problems (being an optimist, I rather use the term “challenge”) that we face each and every day.

Most of these challenges are simple enough: what’s for dinner this eve; is there traffic on the highway that is going to impede my progress; do I have any clean underwear, and so on.  Some challenges are more complex; how are we going to meet our production schedule; my primary vendor has failed and I need to bring a replacement on-line; which automobile or house should I purchase and what are the financing options, etc…

Then there are “wicked problems”

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Improving Quality: I could tell you, but then I would have to kill you

By Bob Koonce

Is your organization struggling with Quality problems? Do you have what you think is a good quality management system but no one seems to follow it? Here’s a little sea story that might help get your program back on track.Read More

Featured Events

Global Forum on Total Maintenance & Operational Excellence
October 27-28, 2016
Amsterdam, Netherlands
The value provided this event lies in the timeliness of the programme topics, such as cost efficiencies,
cultural and behavioural change, safety and environmental performance,
enterprise business transformation combined with the quality and close-knit relationships with our practitioner community.


Operational Excellence in Manufacturing
December 06-07, 2016. Chicago, USA
Operational Excellence is about executing business strategy more consistently and reliably than your competition. It’s about developing and sustaining a culture of continuous improvement, with all of the successes and failures along the way.
Join us this December in Chicago and hear from some of the best and brightest Operational Excellence executives in the manufacturing community.



Thought Food

Communicate your strategy – Like a Ninja
How often have you faced issues in effectively communicating a well formulated strategy to the right stakeholders?  Understanding organizations’ strategic plan by all who are involved in the execution is as important as optimally creating it. A well-orchestrated process must be in place to facilitate better understanding of the strategy and the specific roles to be played by different teams. Unless the goals are understood clearly, chances are that you end up having a big gap between intended strategy and the realized strategy.der levels of performance, but also a contributor.

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Connect with us…

The Outliers Inn Podcast
Wicked, messy, social, complex, tough human problems. No, it’s not the aftermath of the Outliers Inn summer party – it’s a hostly episode with Joe and Benjamin interviewing each other about the difference between complex and merely complicated organisational and human problems. With no guests to distract them, Antlerboy manages a long thematic canter or two of the kind JP normally essays. And while they fail to crack wicked problems ranging from hotdesking to poverty and global warming, they do explore and define what ‘wicked problems’ are.
Hosts: Joseph Paris, Founder of the OpEx Society & The XONITEK Group of Companies Benjamin Taylor,  Managing Partner of RedQuadrant.

Calendar of Events


OpEx Discussion


Toyota and Lean

Classic Articles

Gastronomically Around the World in 80 Days

Article from September 2009


One of my colleagues wonders why I don’t eat – I often go until late in the afternoon until I take my first bite of the day.  My simple response is that I don’t like to eat.


I don’t enjoy eating for nourishment. But I do enjoy dining and the entire dining experience
I refuse to eat at any of the “chains” where they deep-fry you to death and the portions are obscenely giganormous. When a dish is served to me, I don’t like my first response to be one of intimidation as in; “Holy cow, I will NEVER finish THAT.” Ughhh…

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