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Issue: 2017-10
October 2017

Founder’s Corner
Innovation Vs. Transformation

by Joseph Paris


If you want your business to survive, you need to innovate.  If you want your business to have a chance of thriving, you need transformation.  Certainly, either innovation or transformation are no guarantees of success – but the lack of both almost certainly leads to doom.  Need proof?  Can you name one company or one industry (other than government) today that, when faced with a change in the marketplace, failed to innovate – and instead stayed with its traditions, and survived – not to mention, thrived?  If you think of one, let me know.  How about a company that faced a transformation in the marketplace – how did it fare over time?


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Organizational change needs the right management in China


The article outlines the steps that companies have to take to achieve outstanding organizational structures and processes in a Chinese context. Part 1 provides an overview of how the changes in the business landscape in China that have taken place in recent years urgently require Western companies to pay more attention to organizational structures and processes. To understand Western and Chinese management thinking, Part 2 describes the cultural differences between China and the West. The different worldviews substantially influence how the two sides conduct business…

By Timo Wiegmann


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Control Lubrication; Prevent Failure


An Old School Approach to Machine Failure Wins New Converts

Lubrication-related equipment failure is a problem that plagues industrial facilities of all sizes and stripes. By some estimates, it causes as much a $1 trillion a year in reactive maintenance, unplanned downtime and lost productivity across the U.S. As we’ll see in a moment, failure rates associated with lubrication haven’t budged in the past two decades. That’s especially troubling for industrial operators who have sunk billions of dollars into sophisticated maintenance management systems and predictive maintenance tools designed specifically to reduce downtime…


By Bill Correll

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The Outliers Inn Podcast
Topic:  Linus, Sheepddog, Rumplestiltskin, Time Bandits, Musk Ox, Dragonfly, Autolycus. Not secret code, and not the usual macho names for military strategies. In fact, these are some of the 80 ‘patterns of strategy’, in the book by the same name from Patrick Hoverstadt and Lucy Loh, together Fractal Consulting. They discuss how the whole field of approaches business strategy are lacking, and how their new book and ‘board game’ help organisations across sectors see (and even accept) their strategic position – and grasp possible responses. And then, it’s our loyal technician Chuck’s birthday. Chuck has to bleep out JP’s snoring and Antlerboy’s swearing, so we make sure we put in some birthday surprises for him…

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Is Toyota behind the Curve?

OpEx Vault

       Case Study; Improving Business Performance at GSK

GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) is a global healthcare group headquartered in London, UK, engaged in the discovery, development, manufacture and marketing of pharmaceutical products and health-related consumer products.


This article will share how we started, scaled up and began to embed the ADP (Accelerating Delivery and Performance) way of working in GSK between 2009 and 2012.  We begin with the background and initial objectives followed by a summary of the journey overall.  We will then highlight the OD theory that has informed and contributed to this highly practical initiative along with our metrics for success.  We continue with our plans for the future and the general lessons we have learned.  We conclude with a prologue in which we reflect on our key learnings as OD Practitioners.  Significant turning points and the overall impact on the Business are illustrated by comments from line leaders and colleagues in GSK…


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