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Issue: 2017-05
May 2017

Founder’s Corner
Briefing; A State of Readiness

Joseph Paris


It’s taken a long time-but the time has finally come.  The release of my book, ”
State of Readiness“, has arrived.
My project officially started almost two and a half years ago.  That was the day I formally sat down and decided to write a book.  But it’s beginning can be traced to an article I wrote in 2012 entitled, ”
The Operational Excellence Manifesto“.  It was one of the more significant articles I had written and was the result of a considerable amount of listening, learning, and experiencing.

It was not an easy project.  I learned and discovered as much (if not more) while writing it as I did leading to by deciding to write it.  And my substantive editor took me to task.  When I hired him he told me that he understood that I wanted to get a message out there, but it was his job to make sure people wanted to read it.  I am pleased with the final results.


And, more importantly, leaders of companies-and across industries and geographies-concur (you can read some of their thoughts at the books website

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Featured Events

IISE Annual Conference & Expo 2017

May 20 – May 23 2017 | Pittsburgh, PA

Will YOU be at the largest industrial and systems engineering event of the year?

Joseph Paris will be acting as a member of the advisory board and deliver three break-out sessions at this event. Connect with and learn from others during the conference’s educational sessions and networking events.


OPEX 2017: Operational Excellence for the Modern Enterprise

June 13 – June 14, 2017 | Berlin

The OpEx Society invites you to join us at ENG’s OPEX 2017, at which t
he Founder of the OpEx Society, Joseph Paris, will be delivering a workshop on topic of “Enterprise Readiness and the High Performance Organization.”

The main theme of this unique event can be summarized as: Innovating across the enterprise and reinventing business models to achieve true performance excellence.
Use code OPEX20 upon registration to claim your %20 discount!


Thought Food






Software: The Invisible Design

Why having Software and the invisible design in the same phrase? Do we mean that the software lines of code can’t be read or seen? Of course not! What is meant is that the lines of code despite the fact that they are visible are only understandable for the one who has written them. For anyone else, the software program is obscure. The colleagues during a peer review, in order to help criticizing the code, will need to spend about as much time as to write it the first time. The functioning of the software product is thus a bit invisible.
By Thierry Mariani

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Using Lean to Make Real Change In Your Continuous Improvement Role


My name is Paul. I grew up in the northeast part of the United States, and have spent most of my life here. I went to college in New York and landed my first job right out of school as a process engineer in the Boston area.
That was 17 years ago.

Today I’m a Continuous Improvement Coach, helping young continuous improvement professionals apply their skills and knowledge to teaching, improving processes, and leading change throughout their entire organization. I help them to overcome the dreaded “lack of buy-in, support, and resources” so they can get to work solving problems, making the jobs and lives of everyone around them better. I show them how to become a trusted continuous improvement expert – the person everyone goes to for guidance on change, which boosts their credibility with older, more experienced people, and sets them on a path to advance within the company and in their career.

But I didn’t always know how to overcome the obstacles and challenges associated with  continuous improvement, or how to make a really big impact through my role…

By Paul Serafino

Trust me…


Connect with us…

The Outliers Inn Podcast

Episode 18 –
 Communication and Leadership

Topic: Join Antlerboy and JP as they speak with Phil Gerbyshak, an expert in communications. Listen to the lively discussions on the critical importance of efficient and effective communication that is necessary for being a successful leader.  Listen to the importance of everyone knowing that they represent the brand of the company were they employed, always, and that maintaining the control of the narrative in perilous situations is critical for successfully navigating through the episode.  Several examples of corporate blunders, exacerbated by poor communication, are discussed.

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Leadership for the Business Battlefield

“Man down! Heat casualty! Candidate, get his temperature! Now! Get a measurement!

“Roger that, sir.  He’s hot, 104.”
“Corpsman!  Quickly, we have a possible heat stroke here!”


This emergency unfolded during a field exercise more than 20 years ago at  Officer Candidate School at the
United States Marine Corps Base in  Quantico, Virginia. We were training in full combat gear on a muggy, 95 degree day in the swampy expanse of Quantico’s military maneuver areas when (Officer) Candidate Jones went down like a sack of flour.   Tearing the clothes from him, we (fellow officer candidates) accomplished our immediate action procedures. We were very early into our Marine careers, but we could already see that the emphasis on leadership training and development was paying off.


This flagship event for the  Manufacturing & Industrial  sector is not to be missed!

With over 150 manufacturing executives, and industrial c-level decision makers, financiers, bankers, real estate, HR and other industry professionals already confirmed for 2017.

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