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Issue: 2017-03
March 2017

Founder’s Corner

CEO’s and their Sausages – Learn to Love them Like They Do


Joseph F Paris Jr


It’s been another week, much like the many other weeks for me. In addition to running a couple of companies, working on a few projects and pitching others, and the routine management and engagement of the Operational Excellence Group on LinkedIn; I had a few more conversations with the leadership of Continuous Improvement or Operational Excellence (CI/OpEx) Programs at various companies (most in the Fortune 1,000).

Almost always, the CI/OpEx leader will tell me how strategic their program is; how important to the success of the company and how much value they are driving. They speak about all the really great things they have accomplished and are accomplishing. And they tell me how proud they are of their team – how they are consistently making a positive and indelible impact on the company. All really and truly good stuff.


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Featured Events

Operational Excellence in Life Sciences Summit

March 29 – March 31, 2017 | Philadelphia, PA

Are you interested in implementing one cohesive corporate operational excellence strategy that will ensure sustainability and the future of your business transformation?

Join our founder Joseph Paris at this superb event, who will deliver a keynote session on ‘Becoming the High-Performance Organization’.

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Global Digital Transformation & 

 Operational Excellence Summit

April 27-28, 2017 | Dusseldorf, Germany

Digital Transformation and Operational Excellence is taking place at lightning change in almost all industries and has become a fundamental condition for the future survival of businesses.

Join us at this unique event,
at which Joseph Paris
will be having a
Plenary session
on ‘How to make Operational Excellence as part of your Organizational DNA’ and moderating a thought provoking panel discussion.



IISE Annual Conference & Expo 2017

May 20 – May 23 2017 | Pittsburgh, PA

Will YOU be at the largest industrial and systems engineering event of the year?

Joseph Paris will be acting as a member of the advisory board and deliver three break-out sessions at this event. Connect with and learn from others during the conference’s educational sessions and networking events. 

Thought Food



Case Study: 

Lean Six Sigma helps reorganize, streamline front-to-back process for European bank


By Adrian Grant
CRÉDIT AGRICOLE GROUP is one of Europe’s largest banks-it has more than 54 million customers, 160,000 employees, 11,600 branches worldwide and several specialized subsidiaries. Its investment banking arm, the Paris-based Crédit Agricole Corporate and Investment Bank (CA-CIB), recently launched a lean Six Sigma (LSS) initiative and identified its cash payments process as one area ripe for substantial improvement.



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The Outliers Inn Podcast
Join Antlerboy and JP as they talk with Matt Barnaby where they discuss the application of agile development practices in the public service industry.

Hosts: Joseph Paris, Founder of the OpEx Society & The XONITEK Group of Companies Benjamin Taylor, Managing Partner of RedQuadrant.

Guests: Matt Barnaby. As member of the Red Quadrant team, his purpose is to make things better for people, bit by bit… by bit. Their passion is to transform organisations in an agile way, developing a true improvement culture.

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OpEx Discussion


The best companies have a respect for people

OpEx Vault


Operational Excellence is Not Something New

Operational Excellence Empire State Building

There is a lot of content created around Operational Excellence and its companion disciplines – including; Leadership, Lean, Six-Sigma, Theory of Constraints, Project Management, and so on – which together comprise Operational Excellence (including the content produced by myself).  But are all of these concepts as “new” as some would have you believe?  Have they never been embraced or implemented in the past?


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