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Issue: 2016-7
July 2016

Founder’s Corner
… AND the Circumstances of Those Who Work There
Joseph F Paris Jr
Those of you who read my articles and follow my missives on social media know that I more often write of the “soft-side” – the “human endeavor” – of Operational Excellence, rather than the forensic details of the tools (including those of Lean Six-Sigma and the like).  I do this mostly because I feel that consideration for the “human endeavor” is underserved – and I also firmly believe that it’s not about the tools, but in the individual having the direction and capacity for selecting the appropriate tools for the job and increasing the level of skill in which the tools are used by the individual. 


Leadership for the Business Battlefield
By Matt “Boom” Daniel
“Roger that, sir.  He’s hot, 104.”
“Corpsman!  Quickly, we have a possible heat stroke here!” This emergency unfolded during a field exercise more than 20 years ago at Officer CandidateSchool at the United States Marine Corps Base in Quantico, Virginia. We were training in full combat gear on a muggy, 95 degree day in the swampy expanse of Quantico’s military maneuver areas when (Officer) Candidate Jones went down like a sack of flour.  Tearing the clothes from him, we (fellow officer candidates) accomplished our immediate action procedures. We were very early into our Marine careers, but we could already see that the emphasis on leadership training and development was paying off.

Featured Events

David N. Deutsch and Company
The Saratoga Weekend
August 18-20, 2016
Saratoga Springs USA
This is a unique and boutique event and space is very limited.  The target attendee is the strategically-minded owner of a small to medium sized business who wishes to explore the business world beyond the confines of their own four-walls.




Global Back Office and Operational Efficiency Summit
November 17-18, 2016. Frankfurt, Germany
The Back Office & Operational Efficiency Summit presents an opportunity for participants to meet industrial leaders and experts to learn the best Operational Efficiency practices. Expert speakers will discuss tested, proven and best transformation which are indispensable for your company.




Thought Food

What is the Cost of a Nincompoop?
By George Henderson
A nincompoop is someone who is grossly inept.  They can be categorized as five-figures, six-figures … up to ten-figures or more depending upon how much they cost the organization in a year, or over their career.

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The Outliers Inn Podcast

Episode 8 – Operational excellence in Government – an impossible dream?

Despite Benjamin’s protestations, the pair and their illustrious guests are brought down by the challenges of operational excellence in Government. Ed Straw, former PwC partner, think tank and national relationship counselling organisation board member, and author of Stand & Deliver: A Design for Successful Government, talks about the need for a systemic focus on results, and Sasa Linic, adviser to the prime minister of Serbia for the UN Development Programme, focuses on a need for transparency.


Hosts: Joseph Paris, Founder of the OpEx Society & The XONITEK Group of Companies Benjamin Taylor,  Managing Partner of RedQuadrant. Guests: Ed Straw and Sasa Linic



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