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Issue: 2017-01
January 2017

Founder’s Corner

The Gig Economy – No Jobs, Just Work


Joseph F Paris Jr

There has been a lot written lately of the “Gig Economy” – the notion that, in the future of earning a living, there will no longer be jobs, just work.  It’s an earnings environment where the supply and demand for skillsets are contracted between those that have a need and those who can fulfill that need.

This is not to be confused with contractors or consultants who have traditional firms with all the trappings of being a formal business…

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Featured Events


Prolog Business Conference 2017
Feb 17, 2017 Tallinn, Estonia
We invite you to join us at the upcoming PROLOG Business Conference
2017, of which the central theme is 
untapped opportunities in the supply chain management, processes and cooperation. The founder of the OpEx Society, Joseph Paris, will be delivering a workshop at this conference entitled “State of Readiness”, and will also be acting as a keynote speaker by delivering a talk on the subject of ‘How to develop the principle of continuous improvement.’
Other international and local professionals will also share their experience and provide examples of opportunities hidden in supply chains. The speakers’ lineup includes current and former executives of multinational corporations as well as senior managers of large Estonian companies.


3rd Annual Global Process Improvement and Opex Summit
March 01-03, 2017 Amsterdam, Netherlands 


What are the methodologies and tools that are right for your organization to inspire a lasting cultural change?  What are some of the lessons learned from top industry leaders who strived towards transformation from inside out? Learn how to identify, create and select the best approach in meeting your organizational needs in this three-day event. The Summit will comprise of case study presentations from business leaders, dynamic panel discussions, interactive sessions and workshops.


The First Human-Centred Operational Excellence Global Summit
April 20-21, 2017 Amsterdam, Netherlands

Join us for the first human-centred Operational Excellence global summit  You will be guided and encouraged to Transform, Perform and Excel toward a Human-Centred OpEx as you move toward building sustainable OpEx around Human Visual Management to Serve Cultural Transformation that contributes to Operational excellence through changing leadership mindsets beyond budgeting


Thought Food

Organizational Excellence and Accountability  

 By Michael Bull

 You cannot maximize the impact of people in your organization without effective accountability. Where accountability is sporadic or poorly implemented, there is always potential left unachieved. This is represented by increased waste and cost, inefficiency and unhappy customers, to name a few.The fact is people contribute more to the success or failure of an organization than anything else. Where organizational excellence is concerned people are both the solution and the barrier to that objective.

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Connect with us…
    OpEx Society NYC

     Meets Feb 7th     

The Outliers Inn Podcast
Topic: Join JP and AntlerBoy as they learn about the thought process behind Service Design and where it can be applied and how it relates to Operational Excellence.

Hosts: Joseph Paris, Founder of the OpEx Society & The XONITEK Group of Companies Benjamin Taylor,  Managing Partner of RedQuadrant.

Marina Terteryan,,
Service Designer in Los Angeles with a deep love for design thinking, innovation, and all things human-centered.



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