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Issue: 2016-8
August 2016

Founder’s Corner

Have CIA Operatives Infiltrated Your Business?


Joseph F Paris Jr


Do you ever wonder why things don’t get done as quickly as they should?  Do things get lost in the shuffle?  Perhaps you find that you have to more closely supervise the people who are supposed to be doing the work?  Are decisions never made because they are perpetually being discussed?  Does work stop because someone forgot to do something?  


Up Scope – The Look Around

By Bob Koonce

Managing Risk is certainly something all leaders at all levels must learn how to master. You can create probability versus outcome matrices, Key Performance Indicators, stop light charts, risk registers, Monte Carlo probability analyses, etc. Risk Management can become very complex if you want. But, the most critical skill in risk management, especially for developing leaders, is learning how to identify the risks coming at you in the first place. Otherwise, you have the infamous “unknown unknowns” as Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld so eloquently put it.

Featured Events

Global Forum on Total Maintenance & Operational Excellence
October 27-28, 2016
Amsterdam, Netherlands
The value provided this event lies in the timeliness of the programme topics, such as cost efficiencies,
cultural and behavioural change, safety and environmental performance,
enterprise business transformation combined with the quality and close-knit relationships with our practitioner community.




4th Annual Congress On Healthcare Quality and Safety
September 23-24, 2016. Beirut, Lebanon
This event is for Companies interested in meeting healthcare high-level influencers and decision-makers,cinicians,  administrators, Quality and safety professionals throughout the MENA region, to share their experience, ideas and solutions under the title “Value for Prevention in Healthcare”.




Thought Food

“There Is ALWAYS More Than ONE Truth”… Or Is There?
By Jay Bitsack
As far back as I can remember in my career, which is actually to the beginning – many decades ago, my attention and efforts have been devoted to finding ways to improve the operational performance of an organization.  In the beginning, those efforts were typically focused on mission-critical parts of the organization.  And in this capacity, I was witness to a wide range of approaches that could be drawn upon as needed to accomplish the objective at hand.  As time when on – maybe a decade or so into my career, the scope of my efforts expanded and I not only became a witness to the advent of a number of “new and improved” approaches to achieving higher-order levels of performance, but also a contributor.


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The Outliers Inn Podcast
Join us as we have a spirited conversation on the subject of customer engagement with our guests Michele Battle-Fisher and Joe Dager.
Hosts: Joseph Paris, Founder of the OpEx Society & The XONITEK Group of Companies Benjamin Taylor,  Managing Partner of RedQuadrant. Guests: Michele Battle-Fisher and Joe Dager

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OpEx Discussion


Are 6Ss better than 5?

Classic Articles

Lessons Learned from Golf

Article from March 2014 


Although I am sure everyone knows what golf is, but might have never played; golf is a slow-paced and methodical, yet highly emotional game.  It is also a very cerebral and analytical game.


But there are many lessons to be learned from golf as it comes to business, Operational Excellence, and life in general.  Here are some – please feel free to share others you might be willing to add.

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-Joseph F Paris Jr; Founder, Operational Excellence Society LLC®

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