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Issue: 2016-4
APRIL 2016

Founder’s Corner
Operational Excellence is Not Something New

Joseph F Paris Jr

There is a lot of content created around Operational Excellence and its companion disciplines – including; Leadership, Lean, Six-Sigma, Theory of Constraints, Project Management, and so on – which together comprise Operational Excellence (including the content produced by myself).  But are all of these concepts as “new” as some would have you believe?  Have they never been embraced or implemented in the past?

Stuck in the Middle of a Lean Leap
By Robert P. Thames

All senior leader teams get stuck on their improvement journey. Examination of common stuck points for senior leader teams on their improvement journey provides insights into what works and what doesn’t. An improvement evolution framework is offered as a ‘GPS’ tool to aid leaders in building and strengthening their improvement “flywheel” for sustainable change.

Drawing on the latest thinking of experts in many fields and the latest doing of practitioners in diverse healthcare settings, the author reveals fundamental changes in how senior leaders execute the fundamentals of improvement.

Featured Events

May11-12, 2016: London
The LMJ’s flagship event will cover a range of industries, company sizes and levels of experience. We aim to convey to business leaders everywhere, how operational excellence can lead to business growth and ultimately a return on investment. It is imperative for executive leadership to understand and implement every aspect of operational excellence to create a positive end goal for your organisation’s vision.
OpEx Society Founder, Joseph Paris, will be in attendance and serving as an Expert Speaker. We invite you to join us there!


IIE Annual Conference 2016

May 21-26, 2016: Los Angeles
Leaders in the field, up-and-comers and students attend to network, gather new ideas and learn about innovative tools and techniques. Make connections that will aid your career and build friendships that last a lifetime – IIE Annual is the largest industrial and systems engineering event of the year and the best place to network.IIE Annual is the best professional development event for all career stages.
OpEx Society Founder, Joseph Paris, will be in attendance and serving as an Expert Speaker. We invite you to join us there!

Thought Food

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Should Safety-Stock Include Demand Forecast Error? 
By Dave McPhetridge
Yes, I’m broaching a hot topic. This article is deliberately not exhaustive, leaving plenty of room for further discussion. My intent: to encourage constructive, informative conversation among my many LinkedIn supply-chain experts. I have done my best to ensure that I have supported all my assertions with facts, analysis and calculations.
Here is my theme: Forecast-to-actual demand variation has no place in determining safety stock (or buffer inventory of any form).
Regarding actual demand, safety stock applies only to common-cause variation. Please follow my line of reasoning, and I so appreciate your interest, attention and participation in a discussion!

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Opex Society Special Meeting with the LMJ
10 May 2016

The Operational Excellence Society and The Lean Management Journal are excited to be patterning up on this year’s Annual OpEx Conference We are collaborating to bring you an evening of pre-event networking and cocktails.

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The Outliers Inn Podcast
Join us on a magical mystery tour around danger, excitement, judgement, adaptive leadership, as we talk with Mike Staresinic and discuss his book:
ACTIVISM – Organizing for large scale transformational change. 


Hosts: Joseph Paris, Founder of the OpEx Society & The XONITEK Group of Companies Benjamin Taylor,  Managing Partner of RedQuadrant. Guests: Mike Staresinic – Change that Matters

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