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A Message from our Founder…
The Myth of Japanese Companies and Management
Joseph F Paris Jr
It seems that at every Conference or gathering of higher-learning and thought-leaders – where the topic is Lean Six-Sigma – many of the attendees, and almost all of the speakers, glorify the supposedly unmatched performance and prowess of Japanese companies and their management. Enshrined as proof-positive in the most revered of holy scrolls is the Toyota Production System – the supposed map to the Promised Land. And when followers of this most sacred scripture speak, they declare with such thunderous aplomb the virtues of all things Japanese and cast aside as heathens the non-believers.
However, when I attend similar gatherings at locations around the world where the audience is business leaders and the topic is business strategy and finance, there is never any mention of any Japanese companies nor reference to their styles of management.
This has always given me cause for pause. How can something that is supposedly an absolute truism and necessity for success in one circle be almost completely ignored in another; especially when both circles purportedly share the same aspiration – business performance and accelerating success?
Introducing our Upcoming Podcast: “The Outliers Inn”
Next month, we welcome you to visit “The Outliers Inn”. It’s a place where we examine the absurdities that surround us and are within us – a place where respectful irreverence and self-deprecating humor is the order of the day. And it’s a place where we can be a lot less serious about ourselves, what we do, what our businesses do, and the manner in which it’s all done.
Here, we examine goings-ons from different and (hopefully) humorous perspectives. Whether you are in finance, sales, logistics, production, operations, human resources, facilities management, information technology – whatever your role might be in whatever industry you might work – business people are always taking themselves too seriously – or are taken too seriously by others. All that ends here.
Look for our first Podcast next month!
If you are in business and others think you are witty and smart (it’s not enough that you think you are), reach-out to us! Maybe you can be on the show!

Event Highlights

Oct 13-15: Budapest, HU
Join us as do a site visit to MOL’s Danube refinery as well as a whole day dedicated to Operational Excellence in the CEE and Turkey region. Case studies will also highlight where investments are being made and how the region is coping and advancing in the current economic climate.
OpEx Society’s Joseph Paris is serving as the Chairman and leading Keynote.
Oct 15-16, 2015: Amsterdam
Attending this summit will enable you to develop a roadmap to emulate the practices of top-performing procurement organisations. The format will be a combination of case study presentations from large multinational enterprises, panel discussions, and workshops; in order to maximise interaction.
OpEx Society’s, Joseph Paris is Chairman and Speaker.

Understand Your Personal Style for Smarter Decision Making
By Peter J. Sherman, CSCP
From the front lines to the C-suite, every employee makes decisions. While decisions can be strategic and long-term, most are tactical in nature, occur daily, and are made fairly quickly.
How do your employees make decisions? Are they data hounds-not content until they’ve analyzed every possible scenario? Do they make snap decisions based on gut and emotion? Either way, superior decision-making skills are attainable via a simple and effective framework, called the 3D Decision Support System.

Thought Food

A Roadmap for Developing Functional Strategies
By Charles Depasse and Thomas Bertels
Corporate strategies are important to define the overall direction for an organisation. But how do we make sure that the strategies for the various functional areas (manufacturing, human resources) are aligned with the overall direction of the firm as usually defined by its corporate strategy?
This article describes an approach for formulating a strategy for a functional area that is developed and owned by the functional leadership team and helps address the key question: How do you create a functional strategy that effectively supports the corporate strategy while also achieving the specific operational objectives the function is expected to meet?

Trust me…I’m an Engineer


Connect with us…

IIE’s Engineering and Lean Six Sigma Conference 

Sept 30-Oct 2, 2015: Atlanta
Transform your thinking about lean and Six Sigma by learning the latest techniques and theories impacting industry, education and research. No matter your industry, you’ll return to work with cutting-edge ideas that can impact your organization. With more than 50 sessions in the program, you’ll find plenty of inspiration, best practices and expertise.
OpEx Society’s Founder, Joseph Paris will be giving a keynote presentation.


Sept 30, 2015:
Atlanta, GA (USA)
Joseph Paris, esteemed international Writer, Speaker and Founder of the Operational Excellence Society, will be speaking at the Atlanta Chapter. Paris will be presenting on the Operational Excellence Enterprise Readiness Model, a tool that all organizations can use to define, pursue, and achieve their unique OpEx goals.


Oct 18-20, 2015:
Manama, Bahrain
This conference has been specifically designed to provide Oil, Gas, Petrochemical and refinery operators a platform to share insight, expertise and knowledge and drive forward operational excellence in a time of extremely tight operating margins.
Sponsored by the OpEx Society. Founder, Joseph Paris will be in attendance and serving as Conference Chairman.


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