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November 2018




Message from the Founder
“People don’t notice whether it’s winter or summer when they’re happy.” – Anton Chekhov 
You go to work and it’s dark.  You come home from work and it’s still dark.  And it’s cold.  It’s tough to be happy under such circumstances.  Add to this, the hustle and bustle of holiday obligations.  But are they really obligations?  Are we really so arrogant that we believe we will be missed if we don’t go to a few happenings?  Or we will be less loved because we didn’t get that one gift?  Do yourself, do everyone, a favor.  Slow down.  Cut back on the supposed obligations.  You will be more happy.  And the warmth of your happiness will radiate and make all those you touch, more joyous. Happy Holidays.


Founder’s Corner


The Antidote for VUCA is OODA

The date is September 15, 2008.  The crisis in subprime mortgages had been going on for a little over a year.  It was triggered in the last half of 2006 when house prices began to fall as the housing bubble in the United States burst.  This caused those who had taken NINJA (No Income, No Job, or Assets) loans to buy their home, with the expectation that prices were going to increase five per-cent year on year forever, to default.  This accelerated the decline in home prices which, in turn, accelerated the number of defaults – a financial and economic death spiral had formed. 

But September 15, 2008 was different.
This is the day that Lehman Brothers, first founded in 1850 and the fourth largest investment bank in the United States, declared bankruptcy.  This event instantly converted the crisis in subprime mortgages into a full-blown global financial crisis – thrusting the entire world into an environment where Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity (VUCA) was pervasive.
by Joseph Paris

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State of Readiness Workshop & Masterclass

January 16 – January 17, 2019
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Join us for this unique 2-day Masterclass and Workshop in Kuala Lumpur and based on the groundbreaking book, “State of Readiness, by our founder Joseph Paris.





Global Business Readiness & Culture of Leadership Summit

February 20 – 22, 2019 | Barcelona, Spain 

Join global heads in Barcelona, Spain to hear Joseph Paris speak about Process Improvement, Lean Six Sigma – and how to reach a State of Readiness.




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Productivity Management for Maximizing the Value of Operational Excellence


Operational Excellence (OpEx) is a term that embodies many things that CEOs seek to achieve, such as consistent strategy execution, profitable growth and sustainable cost reduction.  While there are many definitions of the term, most would agree that it entails focusing on customers, cross functional execution and consistent delivery of outcomes that create value for customers and shareholders.  Whatever label is applied to these aspirations, organizations frequently fall short of fully achieving them. Especially in global organizations that exhibit the complexity characteristics shown below…


Exhibit 1: Complexity Characteristics – As the number of complexity characteristics increase, Operational Excellence programs (and global organizations as a whole) are likely to be affected by complexity-related challenges…


By Dean Sorensen


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Episode 34 – Andy Dobson


In this episode, your hosts, AntlerBoy an JP, start by lamenting the software industry and their almost arrogant – sometimes not almost arrogant – disregard for the customer and the user experience.  Not that software companies will ever change, but rather a resignation that we have to endure.  But the episode gets productive, or rather reproductive, with the introduction of Andy Dobson and his story of how he was a member of a small team at a company called Chartex that introduced the female condom <chuckles>; where they started by making hundreds of samples per day by hand, ramping up to a production capacity or 50-million units per year within 18 months.  The rest of this episode is chock-o-block full of stories of Andy’s adventures and experiences in a variety of business.

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Our guest in this episode of “State of Readiness” is Donald Kuk; continuous improvement expert extraordinaire.  He started his continuous improvement journey in the mid-1990’s at General Electric when he was personally selected by Jack Welch to join Jack and a select group of others senior leaders at GE in the very class to be trained in Six Sigma – taught by the original Six Sigma Guru himself, the late Mikel Harry.  Since then, Donald has held senior leadership positions at JP Morgan – Chase, Computer Associates, AIG, BNY Mellon, and now Mednax (a leading healthcare provider in the States).

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Getting The Most Value from your Holiday Season




The Thanksgiving Day feast is barely digested – yet there is still a week or so of leftovers remaining.  I remember, as a child growing-up in Endicott, New York, always marveling at the variety of dishes that could be made from the remnants.  With so many leftovers from every dish served during the prior day’s feast; gastronomically speaking, the day after Thanksgiving was very much like Thanksgiving Day itself – the only major difference being; instead of watching football games we would go Holiday Shopping…
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