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Issue: 2015-11
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Joseph F Paris Jr

Who serves who? Does Technology serve the people – or do the people serve technology?I started my business during the “Golden Age of Technology” back in 1985. This was a time when the power of computing was being brought to the individual level; a time of personal computers (starting with the Apple-II and IBM-PC) when we all thought that needing more than 640k or RAM and a 20meg hard disk was all anyone could ever possibly need, a time when networking computers and devices was becoming available, a time when accounting systems (then Enterprise Resource Planning “ERP”) and other business applications no longer required a mini-computer (like the DEC-VAX or IBM System 3x) or mainframe (like the IBM 370) but could be run on far less expensive networked personal computers.

And it was a time when the creators of business applications really and truly cared about their users and making an indelibly positive mark with their efforts. I remember when my company, XONITEK (which was a consultancy in technology and business applications at the time), would report issues with the code in an application and the programmers at the creator of the software would “pull an all-nighter” with pizzas and beers to fix the problem as quickly as possible.

It was really exciting and gratifying to identify and attack a problem knowing you had a technology partner who cared, was eager to offer the necessary support, and was invested in the success of the client and the implementation partner. We all felt like heroes – and the client was very happy for the response, efforts, and timely conclusion.

Ahhh… The good old days… Alas, not any more… Not for some time…

5S Done Right
By Torbjørn H. Netland, PhD
5S. Five short Japanese words, each beginning with an “S”. The majority of employees in the industrial sector, and increasingly in the public sector, have heard about the “5Ss”. The problem? The vast majority of companies trying to “implement” 5S fails, and does so repeatedly.
Many mistake it as a concept for cleaning and tidying up-boring but necessary activities for any professional business. We will take a closer look at each of the five S-words, and may find that many of us might have missed the point.
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5 Habits of Highly Successful NEW Leaders
By Eric Kulikowski
Congratulations – you have been promoted into a leadership role for the first time and feel like you have the world by the horns. This is what you have been striving for your whole career up to this point. It is an amazing day indeed!
It also can be one of the scariest days of your life…
Trust me…I’m an Engineer
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